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Mr. Selfish and I spent a lovely six weeks in Paris. Every now and then, I look back and think about how great those six weeks were. I miss Paris now and would go back in a heart beat. I therefore looked forward to visiting Dalat, Vietnam – especially because it has a miniature Eiffel Tower. Although you can’t go up it, it was still nice to behold.

Dalat 01Dalat 02

Other than the miniature Eiffel Tower, Dalat also had outdoor markets like Paris. Of course, the Dalat market was a little more rumbustious than the Paris ones. There was a very huuuuuuge indoor Dalat market that was opened during the day. And, once the sun started to set, the night market (which was just outside the indoor market) opened. It was almost hypnotic hearing all of the vendors yelling about their wares – “50,000 dong! Good quality coats!” or “3 pairs of socks for only 10,000 dong!” Also, we came across a lot of Dalat wine, which I am sad to report does not even come close to comparing to French wines.

Dalat 03Crowded MarketDalat 06MarketDalat 09

Finally, just like in Paris, Mr. Selfish and I enjoyed the street food in Dalat. We had some bun rieu (rice vermicelli soup with tomato broth and shrimp paste), banh mi (Viet subs), and meat on a stick.

Dalat 10Dalat 11Dalat 12Dalat 13Dalat 14

It was all quite delicious.  And for all of you worrying about us eating street food, I’m happy to report that me and Mr. Selfish have fared quite well on this trip – despite all of our street eating.