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On the rest of our day tour of Dalat, Mr. Selfish and I went to the kitschier attractions. It’s a good thing that I enjoy kitschy and the photo ops that follow. Mr. Selfish begrudgingly came along and snapped photos of me.

First, we went to the Valley of Love, which I thought was going to be a scenic lush valley. In actuality, the Valley of Love is a cheesy theme park-esque place where honeymooners come to take photos.

Dalat 15Dalat 16Dalat 17Dalat 18Dalat 19

Certainly, if Disney or Nintendo saw these photos, their lawyers would have a field day. The photo ops at the Valley of Love were endless.

Dalat 20Dalat 21Dalat 22Dalat 23Dalat 24

Next, we went to Prenn Falls. Dalat is known for its waterfalls, so I figured that it would be a short hike to this waterfall at some sort of park. Once again, I was wrong. Prenn Falls is also set up like a mini amusement park, and you just see the waterfall from afar and take photos. You could also ride an elephant or an ostrich, but they looked rather sad.

Prenn FallsDalat 03Dalat 04Dalat 05

Finally, Mr. Selfish and I visited the Hằng Nga guesthouse, which is popularly known as the Crazy House. The house was designed and created by a Vietnamese architect, Đặng Việt Nga, who received her PhD in architecture from the University of Moscow. Although the house was opened to the public in 1990, it is still unfinished. The architect claims to have been inspired by Antoni Gaudí, which I must say I like much better.

Dalat 06Dalat 08Inside Crazy HouseDalat 09Dalat 14

Tomorrow, I’ll go over the day that we went waterfall canyoning in Dalat, and no, it’s not a cheesy theme park.