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Mr. Selfish and I only spent two full days in Danang, Vietnam. On our way from Hoi An, we visited Marble Mountain, which is a cluster of limestone and marble hills a little south of Danang. Marble Mountain contains tons of scenic views, caves, and Buddhist sanctuaries.

Marble Mountain 02Marble Mountain 03Marble Mountain 04JumpingMarble Mountain 05Marble Mountain 06

We had limited time at Marble Mountain so we didn’t explore all the way to summit. Instead, we chose to go into one of the larger caves at the bottom – Am Phu Cave.

Marble Mountain 09Marble Mountain 10Marble Mountain 11

The cave has two sets of stairways – one up to heaven and the other down to hell. Ironically, we took the stairs down since it was easier so we started in hell. All sorts of humans and creatures were being tortured in hell. It didn’t look like a place we wanted to stay for long, so we took the stairs up to heaven. Heaven seemed much more serene and full of Buddhist monuments. 

Marble Mountain 14HellHeavenMarble Mountain 18Marble Mountain 19

Mr. Selfish and I loved Danang. Not because of Marble Mountain or any other attraction but because we stayed at the Intercontinental there. Mr. Selfish will go over the luxury of the Intercontinental and the points we used to get there in tomorrow’s post.