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Mr. Selfish and I spent three nights in Bangkok. It was short but we wanted to experience everything that Bangkok had to offer at night – especially since it was excruciatingly hot during the day.

We went to Lumpinee Stadium to watch the Tuesday night muay thai boxing. Tickets for foreigners were 2,000 baht ($67 USD) per person, but you had ring-side seats and you could take a photo with the main event winner. The local tickets are much cheaper but apparently, it’s quite rowdy back there and foreigners are bound to get pick-pocketed.

We took the underground to Lumpinee and had a quick snack before going into the stadium.

Bangkok 16Bangkok 01Bangkok 02

It was not air conditioned inside, and it was quite lively. The locals were really into the matches and gambling fiercely. We sat near the ring and had a great view of the boxer’s coach getting really riled up during the matches. I enjoyed the signs stating that women were not allowed to touch the stage. We also took a photo with main event winner, of course.

Bangkok 03Bangkok 05Bangkok 04Bangkok 06Bangkok 07Bangkok 08

Mr. Selfish and I enjoyed the street food per the usual. Right outside of our hotel was a 24-hour outdoor restaurant. The prices were cheap, and the food was tasty.

Bangkok 09Bangkok 10Bangkok 11Bangkok 12

Mr. Selfish had been wanting to try bugs for a while, so we took the plunge. We purchased fried crickets that were doused in soy sauce. They were crunchy and mostly tasted like soy sauce. I probably wouldn’t try it again unless they were cooked in a different way.

Bangkok 13Bangkok 14Bangkok 15

Finally, we went to Patpong Night Market, which is notoriously seedy with all sorts of “girly” shows. We just walked around, browsed the market, and avoided the many men attempting to lure us in for a show. “Bring girlfriend to show with you!”

Bangkok 17Bangkok 18Bangkok 19Bangkok 20

In my next post, I’ll go over the magnificent malls that we visited in Bangkok. All I can say is – sweet, sweet air con.