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Mr. Selfish and I spent a week in Chiang Mai. We rented an apartment, shopped at a western grocery store, and cooked our comfort meals, such as spaghetti and meatballs, mac and cheese, and burritos. As a result, we didn’t venture around Chiang Mai that much. However, we did make sure to stop by the two notable markets in Chiang Mai – the Sunday Walking Street Market and the Night Market.

The Sunday Walking Street Market takes place every Sunday from 4pm until midnight. It takes place right in the heart of the Old City on Ratchadamnoen Road, which is entirely shut down to motor traffic. This market had tons of vendors from northern Thailand, and they all felt and looked like authentic handicraft.

Chiang Mai 240Chiang Mai 274Soap and Art

The Sunday Walking Street Market had tons of food to taste. We tried some delicious crab dumplings. Mr. Selfish and I also happened upon a fashion show and enjoyed the cheapest massages we found in Thailand, which was 130 baht ($4.37 USD) for an hour.

Chiang Mai 277Chiang Mai 266Chiang Mai 302

I believe that the Sunday Walking Street Market has been expanded to Saturday as well and that most of the same vendors are there. If you unlucky enough to be in Chiang Mai only during the weekday, you’ll have to settle for the Night Market. The Night Market is more for tschotskes and cheap souvenirs.

Chiang Mai 099Chiang Mai 107

Mr. Selfish and I made the most of it by getting cheap massages, which were 150 baht ($5.04 USD). However, as I mentioned above, the Sunday Walking Street Market had cheaper and better massages.

Chiang Mai 100Chiang Mai 102

We also ate some delicious street food. We happened upon the Muslim street food district and ate pad thai, a shrimp cake, and papaya salad. The pad thai was only 10 baht ($.34 USD)!

Chiang Mai 071Chiang Mai 073Chiang Mai 077Chiang Mai 079Chiang Mai 083Chiang Mai 119Chiang Mai 120

The markets in Chiang Mai were fun to explore. We ended up buying a carved wooden vase from the Sunday Walking Street Market and had to ship it back with some other stuff. Hopefully, it will arrive at my parents’ house safely.

In my next post, I’ll go over the cooking class we took in Chiang Mai.