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Right after our honeymoon in 2009, Mr. Selfish and I decided to take up yoga. It was quite difficult at first, but of course, it gets easier the more you practice. During the month of June 2012, which is when I was studying for the California bar, I did yoga almost every day. It kept me sane.

I decided that I wanted to do a yoga retreat during our selfish year. I soon discovered that yoga retreats are a little hard core with early morning chanting, fasting, etc. Instead, I decided that we would take a week long yoga holiday at the Sanctuary at Koh Pha Ngan. The yoga holiday at the Sanctuary seemed a bit more chill and relaxing.

For both Mr. Selfish and I, the yoga holiday at the Sanctuary includes:

  • * 1 week accommodation
  • * 14 yoga classes
  • * 4 private yoga classes
  • * 10 spa treatments
  • * 10 herbal steam and plunge passes
  • * 2 healing sessions
  • * 2 meals

This was my splurge so I opted for the executive yoga holiday package since the accommodation included air conditioning. The total cost for 2 people was 47,410 baht (~$1,598.88 USD).

Our accommodation was certainly nice. We could’ve fit probably three extra people into our Ocean View Round House. We had a cozy outdoor patio area with a dining room table, a couch, a hammock, and even a kitchen.

Yoga Holiday 07Yoga Holiday 01Yoga Holiday 02Yoga Holiday 03

The master bedroom was enclosed and had my main priority for lodging – air conditioning. There were also two beds upstairs, which we did not use. Of course, the view was of the ocean. Every morning, Mr. Selfish and I woke up early to catch the sunrise. Some days were more successful than others but most of them were cloudy.

Yoga Holiday 06Yoga Holiday 08Yoga Holiday 04Yoga Holiday 09Yoga Holiday 10

The Ocean View Round House would have cost 5,990 baht per night for a total of 41,930 baht if we had paid à la carte.

The yoga holiday also included 14 yoga classes and 4 private yoga classes. Per person, the 7 yoga classes would have cost 1,200 baht, and the 2 private yoga classes would have cost 3,000 baht.

Yoga Holiday 11Yoga Holiday 12Yoga Holiday 13Yoga Holiday 14

Of course, Mr. Selfish and I practiced yoga every day during our holiday. It was nice to be able to practice yoga consistently for a week again. My postures are definitely improving.

There are 3 to 4 yoga classes a day. However, the 10:00am class was for beginners and fasters so we were too advanced for it. Our favorite instructor (whom we also used for our private classes) was Jamie, who taught us Ashtanga and yin and yang yoga. We also took one pilates class, which neither me or Mr. Selfish had tried before.

The yoga holiday also included 5 spa treatments. The spa menu had a variety of treatments, and Mr. Selfish and I chose Thai massages, aromatherapy massages, deep tissue massages, hot stone massages, hot coconut oil hairapy, and facials. The total for these spa treatments would have been 8,777 baht. It was such a splurge to have a spa treatment virtually every day.

Spa TreatmentsYoga Holiday 17Yoga Holiday 18

We also had 5 herbal steam and plunge pool passes. At first, we didn’t think that we would be too inclined to use these passes. But after we smelled the herbal mix of lemongrass and cinnamon in the steam, we were hooked and kept staying longer and longer in the steam room. The plunge pool consisted of mountain stream water and was very much welcomed after the steam. These passes would have cost 600 baht per person.

Herbal Steam and Plunge PoolYoga Holiday 21Yoga Holiday 22

The yoga holiday also included a healing session. We went to the healer tea temple and browsed the list of healing sessions available.There were tarot card readings, abdominal massage, life coaching, etc. Mr. Selfish and I chose to have a private tantric session, during which we learned how to meditate together. We have yet to use what we learned from this session in real life. It’s a little too touchy feely for me.

Yoga Holiday 23Healing Session

À la carte, this healing session would have cost 3,000 baht for the both of us.

Finally, we had one dinner meal included. I’ll do a separate post on food at the Sanctuary later but suffice it to say that the food is primarily vegetarian and delicious. I estimated this meal to cost 300 baht per person.

In summary, here’s a chart of how much each item in our yoga holiday cost (in Thai baht and USD) and how much it would have cost if we had paid à la carte.


Thai Baht


1 Week Accommodations ฿41,930.00 $1,414.07
14 Yoga Classes ฿3,200.00 $107.92
4 Private Yoga Classes ฿6,000.00 $202.35
10 Spa Treatments ฿8,766.00 $295.63
10 Herbal Steam and Plunge Passes ฿1,200.00 $40.47
2 Healing Sessions ฿3,000.00 $101.17
2 Meals ฿600.00 $20.23
Total À La Carte ฿64,696.00 $2,181.84
Real Total ฿47,410.00 $1,598.88
Difference ฿17,286.00 $582.96

As you can see, we saved $582.96 USD by doing our yoga holiday as a package deal instead of à la carte. I highly recommend going to the Sanctuary if you are interested in doing a yoga holiday. I didn’t know we could do it but we definitely filled up an entire week with just yoga, spa treatments, herbal steams, and good vegetarian food. When the week was over, I was sad to leave.