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During our week-long stay at the Sanctuary, Mr. Selfish and I ate many meals at the Sanctuary’s restaurant. The Sanctuary specializes in vegetarian fare and even offers detox packages as an extra option for a yoga holiday. Mr. Selfish and I did not opt to detox but we did enjoy the vegetarian food very much.

The Sanctuary’s restaurant is set right next to the beach. There were even hammocks on which you could lie and doze.

The Sanctuary 066The Sanctuary 068The Sanctuary 071The Sanctuary 217

The Sanctuary offered a variety of “hamburgers”. Of course, none of them were made of meat, except for the salmon burger. Mr. Selfish and I tried the chickpea, lentils, nuts and seed, and the salmon burger. They were all delicious. We typically opted to eat the burger without the bun and with extra salad.

The Sanctuary 058The Sanctuary 074The Sanctuary 144

Our yoga instructor, Jamie, is originally from London, and he told us that the Sanctuary had delicious scones. Mr. Selfish was keen to try it and although it was tasty, there was no clotted cream. We also tried the English breakfast, which was also entirely vegetarian.

The Sanctuary 196The Sanctuary 078

We also tried some of the Sanctuary’s comfort fare, including pizza, nachos, mac and cheese. They didn’t taste quite right but they weren’t bad. I did enjoy the smoothies though. They were very tasty!

The Sanctuary 163The Sanctuary 190Smoothies and NachosThe Sanctuary 124

Right outside of the restaurant, Mr. Selfish and I swam in the beach for a little bit but the waves were quite rough and the beach was very rocky. I didn’t find Thailand beaches to be to my liking, probably because I’ve been spoiled by the white powder sands and calm waters of the Florida Gulf beaches.

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Finally, on Tuesday nights, the Sanctuary shows a film on the beach. We watched “Amelie,” which we had just re-watched while we were in Paris a few months ago. It’s definitely one of our favorite movies, and it was nice to watch it during a full moon on the beach. We also made friends with the many spoiled cats at the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary 186Amelie and Cat

The Sanctuary had the best vegetarian food I’ve ever had. I didn’t even miss the meat. I need to learn how to make those chickpea burgers once we get settled back in the States.