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Mr. Selfish and I loved our week-long stay at the Sanctuary. We attempted to explore Koh Phangan outside of the Sanctuary, but we didn’t really do that much. Here are a few of the places that we tried beyond the Sanctuary.

First, we walked to Bamboo Hutt for traditional Thai food. Although the food at the Sanctuary was delicious, their strong point was the vegetarian food, not the Thai food. However, you had to walk across a very rickety pier to get to the Bamboo Hutt so we only managed to go there once for lunch.

The Sanctuary 085The Sanctuary 088The Sanctuary 090The Sanctuary 091The Sanctuary 107The Sanctuary 097

The food at the Bamboo Hutt was worth it though. We had papaya salad, massaman curry, and Thai iced teas, all of which were delicious and well-priced.

The Sanctuary 103The Sanctuary 104The Sanctuary 105

Right next door to the Sanctuary is a restaurant called Spice. Despite its name, it wasn’t a restaurant specializing in spicy food. Rather, it specialized in grilled seafood. I had the grilled king prawns, and Mr. Selfish (since he doesn’t like seafood as much) had grilled duck breast with curry. The highlight of the meal was the chocolate cake though, which is reputed to be the best chocolate cake on Koh Phangan.

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Lastly, we ate at Beam, which has a restaurant and bungalows right next to the Sanctuary. We had chicken curry and pad thai. This food was only adequate but at least it was plentiful.

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This concludes my posts on our stay at the Sanctuary. Next, we’ll go over our stay at Koh Samui.