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I am not much for trekking but I knew that me and Mr. Selfish would at least do one short hike in Khao Sok National Park. When I started googling the best hikes in the park, I came across many blogs about how the trails are crawling with leeches. The blogs told gruesome tales of how the leeches will chase you through the trails, find a way to slither up your legs, and suck your blood even through your socks.

Mr. Selfish started freaking out. He wanted to leave Khao Sok the next day and not even doing any hiking. I attempted to calm him down and told him that it was probably only bad during rainy season. We were there on the cusp of dry season and hot season.

The next day, I somehow convinced Mr. Selfish to do one hike in the park and told him as soon as we saw any leeches on the trail, we would turn back. I am happy to report that during our short hike at Khao Sok National Park, we didn’t see a single leech.

Khao Sok 07 Khao Sok 08 Khao Sok 11 Trekking

We didn’t go that far, so it was a pretty easy hike. We saw the first three waterfalls – although calling them “waterfalls” is a bit of an exaggeration.

Khao Sok 12 Khao Sok 13 Khao Sok 14

We also didn’t spot any elephants or tigers even though there are supposed to be plenty of wild ones in the park. We did, however, see many spectacled langur monkeys.

Khao Sok 17 Khao Sok 18 Khao Sok 19

As far as trekking goes, I had a pretty good time in Khao Sok National Park. Mr. Selfish and I really psyched ourselves out by reading the many blogs about leeches. We would have been better off not doing any research at all. We wasted a lot of time stopping every 2 minutes or so do a leech check.