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Other than the accommodations on Cheow Lan Lake, Mr. Selfish and I enjoyed our 2 day/1 night to the lake. Cheow Lan Lake is a man-made lake that resulted from the construction of the Ratchaprapha (Rajjaprabha) Dam in 1988. The lake measures approximately 168 square kilometres and is full of beautiful limestone cliffs. Riding a long-tail boat on Cheow Lan Lake was certainly one of the highlights of our tour.

First, we arrived at Ratchaprapha Dam for our last bathroom break before heading off on the long-tail boat. We had one of our big bags with us, so Mr. Selfish had to haul it down to the boat.

The Lake 01 The Lake 02The Lake 03

We rode the long-tail boat for about an hour until we reached our raft houses. The view was spectacular.

The Lake 09 The Lake 06The Lake 07 The Lake 08Enjoying  The Lake 10

That night, we took a night tour of the lake. I assumed that we wouldn’t see any animals. To my surprise and delight, we saw two owls and a civet. I was only able to take a photograph of one of the owls though.

The Lake 11

The next morning, we took a sunset tour of the lake. This time my prediction held true. We didn’t see any animals, but the fog did make for lovely photos.

The Lake 12 The Lake 13 The Lake 14 The Lake 15

Cheow Lan Lake is beautiful even if it is a man-made lake. I would recommend visiting the lake before it gets super crowded (which it is bound to be at some point). However, do make sure you have nice accommodations.