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After escaping the tetanus-ridden raft houses of Khao Sok national park, Mrs. Selfish and I were ready to high-tail it out of there!  Unfortunately, this meant spending the night in Phuket, one of Thailand’s seediest cities!

After leaving the decidedly-beautiful-but-extremely-rustic Khao Sok national park, we were transported back to the Bamboo Orchid Tree House to pickup our suitcases. Unfortunately, midway through the hour long drive it decided to rain, and we were in a semi-open air pickup truck.  We arrive at the Tree House, slightly soaked, grabbed our bag, and hopped in a car to Phuket!  Two hours later we arrived in civilization at the Double Tree Resort Phuket, on Surin Beach.

The Doubletree at Phuket is a HHonors category 3 hotel.  Since Mrs. Selfish and I paid with points and cash under the old system it ended up coming to 12,500 HHonors points + $40 for our one night stay!  Under the new system it looks like it now costs as low as 8,000 HHonors points + $40.  Not too shabby!

Upon check-in, the front desk HHonors representative thanked Mrs. Selfish for her loyalty as a gold member, and congratulated us on our honeymoon!

Now I’m not sure where they got that impression, we certainly never contacted Hilton and told them that was the case (and Mrs. Selfish and I have been married for nearly 4 years), but I was curious to see what would happen.

As it turns out, we got upgraded to a King Pool Terrace Suite, a room which normally goes for $194 a night.  Not too shabby!

The room was nice and large, though we were too tired to appreciate most of the amenities.  We enjoyed the towel elephant, and Doubletree’s trademark cookies, however!  We had a view of one of the two pools at the center of the complex.  They even had a giant waterslide, but sadly there was no time to put it through its paces.

For dinner we wandered out to the beach and ate at one of the local beach shacks.  The menus were in Thai, English, and Russian.  From what we heard there are a lot of direct flights from Russia to Phuket, but I’m still always surprised when we run into large groups of Russian tourists.

Goodbye, delicious Thai food.  You were excellent.

Last, I’d be remiss in not talking about the excellent breakfast buffet.  The Doubletree has a pretty decent spread, including peanut butter, which is something we hadn’t seen since entering Thailand!

So Long, Thailand

Overall, I’d say Thailand was a pretty great place to visit, but it is completely different from what we expected.  If you should go, keep a few things in mind:

  1. Thailand is not cheap – at least not compared to the rest of Southeast Asia (barring Singapore).  It has that reputation, but has become heavily trafficked by tourists in the last few years.
  2. Expect to get ripped off – especially by taxis, tuk-tuks, and airlines. Getting around Thailand was probably the most expensive part of the entire trip.
  3. The food, culture, and people are excellent – and totally worth the trip.

Up next, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!