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Mr. Selfish and I stayed in Kuala Lumpur for three nights. When I found out that Kuala Lumpur had a bird park that it touted as the “world’s largest free-flight walk-in aviary,” I knew that we would visit it.

I had to take two photographs because the owls don’t play too nicely with the other vegetarian birds. I loved the Malay Eagle Owl (on the right). His feathers give him so much character!

The Bird Park was rather huge. It was mostly an open area where different types of birds just flew and wandered about.

There were lots of peacocks roaming around. We found one male in particular who had his sight on quite a few lady peacocks.

Other birds, such as the ostriches and owls, were enclosed. As set forth above, they probably do not play well with other birds.

Finally, there was one area where monkeys were playing. It was so hard to to take photos of them since they were so fast.

Mr. Selfish and I truly enjoyed the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park – even though it was crazy hot. I highly recommend visiting it if you are coming to KL!