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Mr. Selfish and I are not really party animals. Truth be told, we’re pretty much old farts when it comes to partying and clubbing in a big city. However, we do enjoy nice cocktail bars with fancy drinks. We hadn’t been to a swanky cocktail bar in a while, so we decided to go to Tate while in Kuala Lumpur.

The Tate’s website states the following as the introduction to the bar:

“Some days, Batman just wants to be Bruce. Not Bruce Wayne, just Bruce.

He wants to lounge about with his other hero friends, all of them in stealth mode. They stand at the bar and recount their adventures; play pool and puff on cigars. They are at ease, undisturbed by fainting damsels in distress . . . .”

It was an interesting introduction, and I was intrigued.

The Tate is located in the Intermark and is behind an unmarked door next to a hanging top hat. The bar is themed like a speakeasy during the Prohibition Era. All of the televisions were playing old Superman episodes, which me and Mr. Selfish found surprisingly hypnotizing.

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Mr. Selfish and I ordered three cocktails, and although expensive, they were well-made and delicious. I adore cocktails with egg white, and they had at least 2 to 3 with it, which is a pretty solid selection.

CocktailsKL 120

That was as much “night life” as we could take in Kuala Lumpur. Otherwise, we went to the Times Square Mall, which had many activities through which you could spend a night. Time Squares boasts of the largest indoor theme park in the world, and it did seem quite epic (although we didn’t go in). The mall also had a huge bowling alley that was full of teenagers having a good time.

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The activity for which Mr. Selfish and I opted in Times Square Mall was archery. I had never shot an arrow in my life, but after reading the entire Hunger Games series, I figured I could be up for it. We were both pretty bad but it was fun.

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This concludes our posts on Kuala Lumpur. Next up, Mr. Selfish will recount our brief one-day stay in Singapore.