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Mr. Selfish and I first visited Hong Kong in 2009 during our “homeland honeymoon.” We saw a lot of the major sights then and decided to take it a bit easier on our second trip there.

Our first full day in Hong Kong had good weather so we chose to go up to Victoria’s Peak even though we had already been in 2009. At 1,811 feet, the Peak is the highest mountain in Hong Kong. We rode the cable car up and down for 75 Hong Kong dollars (~$9 USD) per person.

Hong Kong 086Hong Kong 088Hong Kong 089Hong Kong 099Hong Kong 103

It was just as lovely as we remembered – except this time, we were less prepared and somehow missed the hiking trail. We wandered a little around a residential area full of affluent houses and then eventually made our way to the path. However, we had tickets to the Hong Kong Opera performance of “Sleeping Beauty” that night and didn’t have time to do the hiking trail in totality. Nonetheless, Victoria’s Peak was just as scenic as in our memories.

The next day, we did the ultra-touristy thing and went to the Avenue of the Stars, which is modeled after the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is located along the waterfront of Victoria Harbor and contains many handprints of Hong Kong celebrities.

Hong Kong 121Hong Kong 125Hong Kong 126Hong Kong 134

The most coveted photo opportunity is next to Bruce Lee. Of course, Mr. Selfish, wearing his Bruce Lee shirt, poised for the shot. I couldn’t be outdone and also took some silly photos.

Hong Kong 140Hong Kong 128Hong Kong 130

Finally, we went to the Ladies Market in Mong Kok, Kowloon. Despite its name, it has all sorts of random items, not just for women. I purchased some pajamas that fit me quite well. I am average Asian girl height so the pajamas are not too long on me for once.

Hong Kong 022Ladies MarketHong Kong 042Hong Kong 044

The remainder of our time in Hong Kong we spent going to Hong Kong Disney, searching for dim sum, and visiting the casinos in Macau. Next up, our initial impressions of Hong Kong Disney.