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As I’ve mentioned previously, Mr. Selfish and I intend on visiting all of the Disney parks in the world. We went to Hong Kong Disneyland (HKD), which is a rather new and small Disney park. Opening in 2005, HKD adheres to the rules of feng shui in an attempt to avoid any cultural backlash from the Chinese.

HK Disney 01

One of the things that I enjoyed the most about HKD is the method of getting there. Disney created its own subway line and subway train, which connects with the Hong Kong subway. The train is completely decked out with Disney style – even the arrival station had utter Disney charm.

HK Disney 02TrainHK Disney 05HK Disney 06

The entrance to the HKD was a short distance from the train station. Prior to reaching the entrance, there was a huge water fountain with Mickey in the middle riding a whale.

HK Disney 07HK Disney 08

The park currently has six themed areas:  (1) Main Street, U.S.A., (2) Tomorrowland, (3) Adventureland, (4) Fantasyland, (5) Toy Story Land, and (6) Grizzly Gulch. The first four areas are similar to the ones in Orlando’s Magic Kingdom. There were even similar rides, which we’ll go over in tomorrow’s post.

HK Disney 09HK Disney 10TomorrowHK Disney 21HK Disney 13

Toy Story Land opened in 2011 and is obviously based on Pixar’s Toy Story. It is similar to the Pixar Studios area in Orlando’s Hollywood Studios but Toy Story Land doesn’t have Midway Mania, which is the best shoot ‘em up ride in my opinion.

HK Disney 14HK Disney 15

Grizzly Gulch is similar to Frontierland at Orlando’s Magic Kingdom, but I actually enjoy the gold mining theming at Grizzly Gulch more. We ate a quick lunch of chicken finger and fries at Grizzly Gulch. It wasn’t much to write home about but it was crispy.

HK Disney 16GulchHK Disney 19HK Disney 20

Tomorrow, I’ll go over the rides on which we went at HKD. Some of them were worst, and some of them were better, but all of the lines were shorter!