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Mr. Selfish and I took a day trip from Hong Kong to Macau. We had recently learned that Macau has far surpassed Las Vegas in terms of casino revenues and braced ourselves for hoards of Chinese tour groups. I am not much of a gambler, and Mr. Selfish only dabbles in black jack, so we didn’t really gamble any in Macau. It was still fun to visit these beautiful casinos and enjoy the free transportation that they provide.

We took the ferry from Hong Kong to Macau, which only takes about an hour. It is a very comfortable ferry and cost about 652 Hong Kong dollars ($85 USD) for both of us round trip. We showed up around 10am to take the 11am ferry but it had been cancelled due to visibility issues. As a result, we had to take the 12:30pm ferry instead. We therefore bought our return ticket then and there since we didn’t want to chance an evening ferry selling out.

Macau Casinos 01

During our research the night before, we learned that you don’t need to pay for transportation at Macau since the casinos have shuttles back and forth between their casinos, the ferry dock, and even the airport. Upon our arrival, there were many stands for the larger casinos and you could choose one and wait for its shuttle. The most popular shuttle was for the Venetian, so Mr. Selfish and I got in that line.

Macau Casinos 02Macau Casinos 03

After about a 10 minute drive, we arrived at the Venetian, which is the world’s largest casino and the sixth largest building in the world based on floor area at 10,500,000-square-foot. The outside is complete with replicas of Doge’s Palace and the Bell Tower of St. Mark. Unfortunately, the gambling floor was full of chain-smoking Chinese tourists, so we mostly steered clear.

Macau Casinos 04Macau Casinos 05InsideMacau Casinos 08 

Further inside the Venetian, you could go luxury brand shopping alongside canals with singing gondolier drivers. In contrast with our gondola ride in Venice, these drivers actually have the voice of angels and will serenade you during the ride.

Macau Casinos 09Macau Casinos 10Macau Casinos 11Macau Casinos 12

Next, we visited the Galaxy casino, because we needed to catch a shuttle to Macau downtown. The first phase of the Galaxy opened in 2011, and the rest of it is still under construction. It was a nice casino, but not nearly as nice as the Venetian.

Macau Casinos 14Macau Casinos 15Macau Casinos 13

When we arrived in downtown Macau, we immediately noticed the iconic Grand Lisboa, which opened in 2007. It was designed by Hong Kong architects Dennis Lau and Ng Chun Man.

Grand LisboaMacau Casinos 18

Lastly, we visited the Wynn, which has a fun water fountain show set to pop music out front. After walking through the Wynn’s casino and partaking of some delicious milk tea, we took a shuttle to catch our ferry back to Hong Kong.

Macau Casinos 19Macau Casinos 20

In tomorrow’s post, I’ll go over some of the non-casino things we did in Macau.