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Mr. Selfish and I arrived in Kyoto last night and are staying in an apartment here for a glorious 22 nights. After so much fast traveling through China and Korea, we were glad to unpack our bags, do some laundry, and buy some groceries to make home cooked meals.

We started our trip in Japan at Fukuoka for one night and then went to Kurokawa, which is an amazing onsen town, for two nights. After Kyoto, we’ll visit Kanazawa for a couple of nights and then Tokyo for two weeks.


We are currently planning day trips from Kyoto and are looking at the following:

1.  Nara – the first permanent capital of Japan:


2.  Osaka – the third largest city in Japan and a temporary capital of Japan:


3.  Kobe – for the beef :


4.  Mount Koya – the center of Shingon Buddhism and where you can stay overnight at a temple:


Please let us know if you have any recommendations for other day trips or even other places to visit in Japan!