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Mr. Selfish and I enjoyed people watching in the People’s Park in Chengdu so much that we decided to visit two of the parks in Shanghai.

First, we went to Fu Xing Park, which was within walking distance of our French Concession apartment. The park is designed in the French style, with a center lake, fountains, covered pavilions, and flowerbeds. We watched the children learning how to rollerblade and the old ladies practicing their ballroom dancing.

The Parks 01The Parks 02The Parks 06The Parks 03The Parks 10

There is even a statue of Marx and Engels in Fu Xing Park, but the part that we enjoyed the most was relaxing and sipping tea among the locals.

Marx and EngelsThe Parks 07The Parks 08The Parks 09

Second, Mr. Selfish and I visited the People’s Park, which is in the center of Shanghai. Several metro lines intersect here, and I assumed that it would be a very large park. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed. It wasn’t that large but it did have badminton courts, a mini roller coaster area, and a quasi-gym.

The Parks 15The Parks 16The Parks 19Exercising and Rides

Since leaving China, I haven’t seen any large groups of older ladies and gentlemen dancing in a park. I truly do miss it.