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Although Mr. Selfish and I enjoyed the Shanghainese food in Shanghai, we had a hankering for some good ol’ American fare. Fortunately for us, within walking distance of our apartment in the French Concession, there was a hot dog place and a brewery.

The hot dog place is named Bikini (47号 Yongfu Road). We walked there late one night after we had a minor cooking fiasco with short-grain rice in our apartment. The hot dogs were gourmet and quite delicious.

Hot Dogs and Beer 01Hot Dogs and Beer 03Hot Dogs and Beer 04Hot Dogs and Beer 05Hot Dogs and Beer 08Hot Dogs and Beer 09

First, we had the Mr. Vidal, which had ketchup lime-mayo, fresh basil, diced tomatoes, jalapeno, and raw and crispy shallots (45 yuan). Second, we had the Mr. Holmes, which had bacon, avocado, mayo, spicy salsa, and crispy shallots (65 yuan). We couldn’t resist ourselves and ordered a third hot dog – the Mr. Jeremy, which had Dijon mustard, saute garlic, parsley, mushrooms, Emmental cheese, arugula, and truffle oil (65 yuan). Yes, they were as good as they sounded!

Unfortunately, Bikini holds odd hours, because we stopped by a couple of times during our two week stay in Shanghai only to find it closed. Nevertheless, as I told our waitress, I’ve had A LOT of hot dogs, and these were probably the best hot dogs I’ve ever had.

About a two minute walk away is the Boxing Cat Brewery (82号 Fuxing West Road). It is a brew pub specializing in all American fare. During happy hour (typically 5-8pm), the pints are 35 yuan each. Mr. Selfish and I enjoyed the Donkey Punch Porter and the Sucker Punch Pale Ale. The beers were a little on the bitter side but still very good (especially after all of the water downed beer we had been having in SE Asia).

Hot Dogs and Beer 11Hot Dogs and Beer 12Hot Dogs and Beer 13

The food at Boxing Cat Brewery was only so-so. We had the deep fried mac and cheese and the steak salad, which were both average. However, the rosemary biscuits and the brisket sandwich was not so good. The texture was wrong on both items. They were edible but only just. I wouldn’t go to Boxing Cat Brewery for anything but the beers.

Hot Dogs and Beer 14Hot Dogs and Beer 15Hot Dogs and Beer 17Hot Dogs and Beer 16Hot Dogs and Beer 18

It was nice to have good hot dogs and beers within walking distance of our apartment in Shanghai. I highly recommend both restaurants and staying in the French Concession area of Shanghai if you ever come to visit.