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When I was in Shanghai in 2002, I indulged in quite a few dry washes. A dry wash is when a hair dresser washes your hair by squirting water on your head with a little water bottle and slowly massages the shampoo into your hair. It should be a slow and lingering experience. I remembered getting massaged for 30-45 minutes and it costing hardly anything. I had told Mr. Selfish about these infamous dry washes on several occasions, so I wanted to introduce him to it while we were in Shanghai.

Pampering and Shopping 01Pampering and Shopping 02Pampering and Shopping 03

My dry wash cost 30 yuan and was a little shorter than I had remembered at about 20 minutes. By the time I was done, Mr. Selfish was already waiting for me. Apparently, his dry wash hadn’t been nearly as long as mine and was hardly slow or lingering. Oh well, I still enjoyed myself.

I had tried to get fake eyelashes while in Thailand but we didn’t have enough time. When we walked past a sign advertising it for 100 yuan, I figured I would try it in Shanghai. They lasted for about two and a half weeks. It was fun but I wouldn’t try it again since removing them is a pain.

Pampering and Shopping 04Pampering and Shopping 05Pampering and Shopping 06Lashes

For the final bit of pampering, Mr. Selfish and I enjoyed a couple of Chinese massages while in Shanghai. The prices couldn’t be beat at 48 yuan for an hour-long full body massage.


As for shopping, Mr. Selfish and I aren’t really into the Western or luxury brands. In fact, most of them are more expensive in Asia than back home due to taxation. As a result, we liked boutiques of local designers. However, we were on a hunt for some souvenirs for my family and had to venture to the bargaining markets.

First, we went to Qipu Lu (168 Qipu Lu, near Sichuan Lu), which is known as “Cheap Street.” Unfortunately, this wasn’t really what we were looking for. It was mostly clothes for youngsters.

Pampering and Shopping 09Pampering and Shopping 10Pampering and Shopping 11

Next, we went to the Fake Market (580号 Nanjing West Road) for some serious bargaining. I had read online that the vendors will quote you exorbitant prices and that you should only pay 20-30% of their initial price. It seems ridiculous to counteroffer with a price that is only 15% of the initial price but that is exactly what we did to the exasperation of the vendors.

Pampering and Shopping 12Pampering and Shopping 13Pampering and Shopping 14Pampering and Shopping 15Pampering and Shopping 16Pampering and Shopping 17Pampering and Shopping 18

Mr. Selfish and I mostly browsed the market but we did find a couple of cute gifts. We also purchased a suitcase to replace our large suitcase, which was starting to fall apart. We only paid 220 yuan for a large Wenger suitcase, which is about $35 USD. But you get what you paid for because on our second flight after Shanghai, the wheel was broken off by the luggage handlers. Luckily, the airline replaced it immediately. But man, that was fast!

Seoul 012Seoul 013Seoul 014

Mr. Selfish and I certainly enjoyed the pampering and shopping in Shanghai!