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From steak sandwiches to bagels to French crepes, Shanghai has it all. Mr. Selfish and I found Shanghai to be quite cosmopolitan in its restaurants. There were all types of food, and it was hard deciding where to eat out. I’ve already been over the delicious hot dogs and beers we had in Shanghai. This post is dedicated to the other non-Chinese food we consumed.

First, we enjoyed the best happy hour in Shanghai at Morton’s (8号 Century Avenue), which is located near the Oriental Pearl Tower. The happy hour is from 5-7pm Monday through Friday and consists of free unlimited filet mignon sandwiches and martinis for 45 yuan.

Shanghai 469Shanghai 470Shanghai 475Shanghai 471Shanghai 480

Mr. Selfish and I sampled the gin martini, chocolate martini, and appletini. We eagerly awaited the waiter with the tray of filet mignon sandwiches to come around. We ended up consuming quite a few sandwiches. They were perfectly cooked, tender, and very filling.

Ever since we left Vietnam, Mr. Selfish had been craving banh mi sandwiches. We discovered that Shanghai had quite a few banh mi shops and decided to visit B Real (185号 Fumin Lu).

Shanghai 549Shanghai 542Shanghai 543Shanghai 545Shanghai 546Shanghai 548

We ordered the bbq pork and sausages banh mi (55 yuan), as well as the grilled chicken thigh banh mi (45 yuan). Unfortunately, these banh mi paled in comparison to the ones we had in Hoi An, as well as the ones we’ve had in Orlando, FL. They were also quite expensive. I wouldn’t recommend B Real. I didn’t find it to be an authentic Vietnamese banh mi shop.

Third, we walked by the Paulaner-Brauhaus (150号 Fenyang Rd.) near the New Heaven and Earth shopping center and couldn’t resist. We hadn’t had any German beer since Oktoberfest.

Shanghai 647Shanghai 648Shanghai 649

The beer was good but the food (goulash and a salad) were only average. We did enjoy seeing the Chinese servers dressed up in German outfits though.

Next, Mr. Selfish had another craving for bagels so we headed to Egghead Bagels (455号 Shaanxi North Road).

Shanghai 657Shanghai 659Shanghai 660Shanghai 661

We showed up a little late in the afternoon and they only had cinnamon raisin bagels left. I still enjoyed my egg and bacon bagel sandwich though.

Mr. Selfish and I also stumbled upon a cute little coffee shop in the French Concession called 1984 Book Store (11号 Hunan Road).

Shanghai 776Shanghai 777Shanghai 781Shanghai 791

We had some delicious tea and a very moist slice of carrot cake. The café’s fat cat found Mr. Selfish’s lap to be a suitable napping location.

On our last night in Shanghai, we tried to have some Shanghainese food but the place was not open. So we ended up at La Creperie (1号 Taojiang Rd.), which had crepes and galettes from Brittany. They even had apple cider with the galettes, which I actually had when I was in Brittany.

Shanghai 794Shanghai 798Shanghai 799Shanghai 800

We ordered savory galettes. Mine had ham, cheese, and an egg. Mr. Selfish ordered the raclette galette, which the most expensive galette on the menu. He wanted to relive his favorite raclette sandwich from London’s Borough Market. His galette wasn’t that good but it was pretty good.

Mr. Selfish and I enjoyed all of the cosmopolitan food in Shanghai. We knew that we had to save up since we were going to devour some peking duck in Beijing.