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As the long time capital of Japan, Kyoto has no shortage of sites.  Designated as a UNESCO world-heritage site, Kyoto actually has 17 UNESCO sites within city bounds, and contains roughly 20% of Japan’s National Treasures.

But a lot of these sites cost money – usually 300 – 500 yen a piece, which can add up quickly – especially once you factor in transportation.  With that in mind, Mrs. Selfish and I quickly set out to find the best free sites Kyoto had to offer.

Heian Shrine 08

The Heian Shrine

The Heian Shrine was built in honor of Emperor Kanmu, and was a symbol of Japan’s revival after World War 2.  Unfortunately, it burned down in 1976 (as seemed to happen a lot in Kyoto), so the current version was reconstructed in 1979.

Heian Shrine 07Heian Shrine 04Heian Shrine 05Heian Shrine 01

The Yasaka Shrine

Originally called the Gion Shrine, the Yasaka Shrine has been around since the mid-600’s, and is located in (you guessed it) the Gion district.  During the day it’s filled with merchants selling trinkets, but it’s more beautiful at night when it’s mostly empty.

Yasaka DayYasaka 01Yasaka 06Yasaka 03Yasaka 04Yasaka 05

The Shimogamo Shrine

Founded by the Kamo Clan in the 8th century, the Shimogamo Shrine is the official guardian of the Imperial Palace, and plays an important part in many ceremonial rites.

Shimgamo Shrine 05Shimgamo Shrine 06Shimgamo Shrine 07Shimgamo Shrine

The Inari Shrine

My personal favorite, the Inari Shrine, is a great shrine for walking, taking about 3 hours at a leisurely pace. This is a shinto shrine to the god Inari, who is the god of prosperity and is usually marked by orange-red torii gates.  Roughly 1/3 of all shinto shrines are to Inari.

Inari Shrine 19Inari Shrine CreaturesInari Mini Gates 2Inari Shrine 02Inari GatesInari Mrs SelfishInari Shrine 28Inari ShrinesInari Shrine Foxes

Other Shrines

As Mrs. Selfish mentioned in her post yesterday, Kyoto has over 2000 shrines and temples, so you’re sure to stumble across your fair share just wandering around.

Kyoto 1063Kyoto 1065Kyoto 1067Kyoto 1066Kyoto 1068Kyoto Shrines