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Mr. Selfish and I have quite a sweet tooth. We learned while in Kyoto that the Japanese also have an affinity for sweet desserts.

First, we went to Kinako (祇園きなな), which is located at Kyoto-shi, Higashiyama-ku, Gion-machi Minami-gawa 570-119, for the best soy bean ice cream ever. It was quite simple but smooth and packed full of flavor. We also had Berry Berry Kinana parfait, which was visually pretty but had too many different components that were all competing with one another. I found the soy bean ice cream to be more than sufficient for my ice cream palate.

Coffee and Desserts 01Coffee and Desserts 02Coffee and Desserts 03Coffee and Desserts 04Coffee and Desserts 05Coffee and Desserts 06

Next, we went to Karafuneya Coffee, which doesn’t really serve coffee but rather decadent ice cream parfaits. It is located near Sanjo station at 39 Daikokumachi, Kawaramachi Sanjo-dori Kudaru, Nakagyo-ku. The display in the front of the restaurant had the hundreds of different parfaits (in plastic form) available. The four of us ordered the Karafune parfait, the almond and chocolate parfait, the strawberry and pudding parfait, and the pudding a la mode parfait.

Coffee and Desserts 07Coffee and Desserts 08Coffee and Desserts 09Parfaits

Although I found that the cornflakes added an interesting texture component, I didn’t really like my strawberry and pudding parfait that much. The strawberry ice cream was lacking in flavor, and the pudding was also just bland.

Finally, Mr. Selfish and I discovered a cute little café called Efish, located at 798-1 Nishi Hashizume-cho Kiyamachi Dori Gojo-Sagaru. On sunny days, Efish opens all of its windows and the breeze and view are magnificent. We enjoyed the coffee, chai, and a BLT sandwich.

Coffee and Desserts 16Coffee and Desserts 18Coffee and Desserts 20Coffee and Desserts 21Coffee and Desserts 22

Mr. Selfish and I indulged our sweet tooth while in Kyoto. Good thing the apartment we rented in Tokyo has a gym nearby!