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While I would have gladly spent every meal at Otomezushi, sadly that option was not open to us.  Fortunately, Kanazawa has a number of good eateries around town.

The Omicho Market

Our first stop on Kanazawa’s eating extravaganza was the Omicho Market – an outdoor shopping arcade for fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and seafood.

Man those hairy crabs look good.

The market is also home to many small restaurants.  Since the seafood was a local specialty Mrs. Selfish and I decided to try a rotary sushi restaurant.  The fish was fresh, and tasty – though more expensive then the rotary sushi in Kyoto.

We ended up special ordering a few orders of tuna belly, since I couldn’t get enough after Otomezushi.  Unlike our last rotary experience, they added up the bill by a color-coded system.  The color of your plate indicated the cost.  While I’ve seen that done in a few rotary sushi joints, I’ve never seen them add it up via the use of a sushi-plate scanner.

The total came to around 1700 yen (~$17), which was pretty good for a sushi lunch.

Verdict: Tasty and well priced, but nothing special.

Chicken Wings at Chochinya

While staying in Kyoto, Mrs. Selfish and I acquired a taste for Japanese chicken products.  One thing we had yet to try, however, was the Japanese take on chicken wings.  Fortunately, Mrs. Selfish found Chochinya, a restaurant that specialized in crispy bird limbs.

Unfortunately, Chochinya was completely booked for the evening, and was closed on Sundays (apparently Kanazawa shuts down on Sundays).  Luckily, Mrs. Selfish’s quick thinking snagged us some take-out wings! Good thing, too, since they were easily the tastiest chicken wings I’ve ever had.

The wings were crispy on the outside and moist on the inside and were battered with a sweet and savory wet rub.  Delicious!

Prices were 3 wings for 380 yen, 5 wings for 580 yen, and 10 wings for 980 yen.  We ordered 10, but after finishing the wings I immediately regretted not ordering 20. If you’re planning on going to Chochinya I would make sure you order at least 6-8 wings per person.  It’s good to live without regrets.

Verdict: Finger-licking good.  Make sure you order enough for your whole party, or fighting will ensue.

Turban Curry – Originator of Kanazawa Curry?

Our last stop on the Kanazawa food train, was Turban Curry, which was a short walk away from the 21st Century Musesum of Contemporary Art.

So many curry types, not enough stomach space.

According to the internet, Turban Curry originated the Kanazawan Curry style, the black curry popularized by Go!Go!Curry. Its founders later spun out Champion Curry, a bigger chain with locations all over Japan.

Like Go!Go!Curry, Turban Curry’s trademark dish is rice covered with a thick black rue, with your choice of protein topping the heap of madness alongside a helping of cabbage – which I can assume is only there to bring a splash of color to an otherwise dull-colored dish.

It is also excellent.

Mrs. Selfish and I both ordered their most popular dish – a portion of curry topped with pork katsu, sausages, and half a hamburger patty.  At 700 yen (~$7), you really get value for money – though you may feel slightly greasy afterward.

Verdict: Eat it if you find it! Not advisable for people with low grease tolerances who are prone to bouts of post-meal guilt.