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Mr. Selfish and I suffered serious sticker shock upon our arrival in Sydney. We found the food prices to be quite high. I saw a plain glazed donut in the mall that cost $3. Yeah, one donut. On the bright side, the quality of the food is consistently better than average. Even when we ate at a random establishment (sans any research), we were typically content with the food quality.

Bills for Yummy Breakfast

Although we didn’t spend much time in the Surry Hills area, Mr. Selfish and I did manage to eat at some nice restaurants. First, we found the breakfast at Bills (359 Crown Street) to be rather tasty.

Surry - Bills 03Surry - Bills 05Surry - Bills 02Surry - Bills 01

The highlight of the meal was the ricotta hotcakes that came with banana and honeycomb butter ($19.50). The hotcakes melt in your mouth and the honeycomb butter adds a delightful texture. We also enjoyed the scrambled organic eggs ($14.50), which were the creamiest scrambled eggs I’ve ever tasted.

On a separate trip to Bills, we also tried the full Aussie breakfast ($24.50), which includes scrambled eggs, sourdough toast, bacon, roasted tomato, swiss mushrooms, and pork and fennel sausage. Everything complimented one another well and were perfectly seasoned.

Surry - Bills 07

The breakfast at Bills was admittedly one of the better breakfasts I’ve had in quite a while. However, nothing beats Mr. Selfish’s homemade pancakes. Plus, I still cannot get used to paying around $40 AUD for breakfast for two.

The Carrington for Drinks and Dinner

Mr. Selfish and I also had drinks and dinner at the Carrington (565 Bourke St.), which is a quaint pub in Surry Hills.

Surry - The Carrington 01Surry - The Carrington 02

The Carrington has nightly drink and dinner specials. We had the cheapest pints of beer and cider during our entire time in Sydney, as well as the nachos and the nightly special of meatball and pasta. However, the most outstanding part of the meal was dessert, which included ice cream with bananas and deep fried condensed milk. I didn’t know that you could deep fry condensed milk but apparently you can – to deadly perfection.

Surry - The Carrington 03Surry - The Carrington 04Sydney 863

The food at the Carrington was pretty good and very well-priced. We certainly enjoyed ourselves.

Café Sopra for the Best Lasange Ever

Finally, we visited Café Sopra (7 Danks Street) for some delicious Italian food. Café Sopra is part of the Fratelli Fresh chain, which is a fresh Italian grocery store. Although Café Sopra is technically in the Waterloo area, it is just a little south of Surry Hills.

Surry - Cafe Sopra 01Surry - Cafe Sopra 06Surry - Cafe Sopra 12

We ate with our good friends, Peter and Thuy. Thuy is from Sydney and provided us with many great recommendations for Sydney and beyond.

For appetizers, we ordered the zucchini flowers stuffed with five Italian cheeses ($4.95 each), as well as the anti pasti misti ($14.50). The zucchini flowers were delicate but flavorful. However, the anti pasti was only average.

Surry - Cafe Sopra 02Surry - Cafe Sopra 03

For our entrees, Mr. Selfish and I ordered the lasagne al forno ($22) and the wagyu bresaoca salad with baby spinach, toasted almonds, and gala apples ($18). Both were delicious but the lasange was the best restaurant made version I’ve ever had. The meat sauce was savory and tart, and the cheese was balanced perfectly to the rest of the dish.

Surry - Cafe Sopra 04Surry - Cafe Sopra 05

The four of us shared two desserts – the torta banofee and the saroppino ($14.50 for each). The torta was a mix of cookie crumble crust, bananas, and coffee. The sgroppino had delicious lemon sorbet with raspberry on top. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Surry - Cafe Sopra 07Surry - Cafe Sopra 08

It was all quite delicious, and Mr. Selfish and I are so glad that we got to enjoy such a wonderful meal with Peter and Thuy.

I highly recommend visiting Surry Hills (and Waterloo), especially for the food!