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Looking back on our time in Sydney, I will remember all of the good food fondly. This post is dedicated to some of our more yummy bites in Sydney.

Mamak for Mouthwatering Malay Food

Mr. Selfish and I started queuing up for Mamak (15 Goulburn Street, Haymarke) around 4:55pm. The restaurant opens at 5pm, and the line was already around the block. It was worth the wait though because the food is authentic and delicious.

Malay 01Malay 06

Mamak is known for its fresh roti and satay. We tried the plain roti canai ($5.50), the murtabak, which is roti filled with spicy chicken or lamb, cabbage, egg, and onions ($11.50), and the beef satay, which is served with a sweet and spicy peanut sauce (1/2 dozen for $9.00). Everything was delicious but the standout dish was the plain roti canai. It was freshly made, crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside.

Malay 07Malay 13Malay 12

We also ordered the kari cambing, which is spicy lamb curry ($16); the nasi lemak, which is coconut rice with sambal, peanuts, crispy anchovies, cucumber, a hard-boiled egg, and fried chicken ($11.50); and the kangkung belacan, which is stir-fried water spinach with chilies and shrimp paste ($14).

Malay 08Malay 10Malay 09Malay 11

It was all so tasty and plentiful, and the spicing was just right for each dish. The fried chicken, in particular, was perfectly crispy. I also loved the water spinach, which I had been missing since Thailand.

I highly recommend Mamak for delicious Malay food. It may not be as cheap as Malaysia but it is just about as tasty.

Restaurant An for Pho in Bankstown

Mr. Selfish and I have never been huge pho fans, which is blasphemy since I’m Vietnamese. We figured that we would give Restaurant An (27 Greenfield Parade, Bankstown) a try because it is quite renowned for its pho.

Blue Mountains 007Blue Mountains 008Blue Mountains 009

The regular sized bowl is $13 while the large is $14. Since it was only a dollar difference, we ordered large bowls of beef pho, which was a mistake. We didn’t even come close to finishing it. Our friend, Rob, on the other hand, is The Beast and completely conquered his bowl of chicken pho.

Blue Mountains 012Blue Mountains 014Blue Mountains 016

It was a pretty good bowl of pho (and it should be at $14 a bowl!), but I’m still just not that into pho. However, if you are having a pho craving, you should probably head to Restaurant An in Bankstown.

Messina for Designer Gelato

Lastly, Mr. Selfish and I fell in love with Messina (Shop 1/241 Victoria St., Darlinghurst) for its amazing gelato. As for scoop gelato, we tried two flavors – nougat and alfajores (milk chocolate gelato smashed with cooked filled with dulce de leche then dipped in milk chocolate). It was delicious and certainly fulfills any sweet tooth craving you might be having.

Messina 02Messina 01Messina 03Messina 09

As for their designer creations at Messina, we tried the Mini Me (Dr. Evil chocolate gelato, dulce de leche jam, peanut butter cookie, vanilla gelato, and popping candy) and the Slivkova Pavlova (vanilla gelato, freeze dried raspberries, passion fruit dusted meringue, raspberry jelly, and passion fruit powder).

Messina 04Messina 08Messina 07

Both were quite tasty but I liked the Mini Me better. Not only for its whimsical design but because I prefer chocolate in my desserts. Nevertheless, the passion fruit flavor in the Slivkova was delicious as well.

If you’re in Sydney, I recommend any of these places for a yummy bite!