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Australia doesn’t have a whole lot of native foods – vegemite, anzac biscuits, aussie pies, and kangaroo steaks are part of a pretty short list of foods that originated down under.

The delicious Salmanca side of Hobart – home to many tasty breakfasts!

That being said, Australia does some pretty amazing takes on food staples – like adding beetroot to burgers. It sounds strange, but man is it tasty. Another food that Australia really excels at? Brekky.

With that in mind Mrs. Selfish and I set out to find the tastiest breakfasts that Hobart had to offer.

Zum – A great place for Ricotta Hotcakes

Our first stop was at Zum restaurant, which is located just off the wharf near the Salmanca market area of Hobart. Zum has a pleasant, neighborhood café kind of feel to it, and was packed with natives when we stepped in Sunday morning.

I ordered the Ricotta Hot Cakes ($17 AUD) while Mrs. Selfish tucked into the Trio of Mushrooms ($18 AUD).

The Ricotta Hot Cakes were served in a berry compote, with syrup and king island cream. The hot cakes were light and fluffy, and the king island cream was lighter than butter while adding a crucial moistening component. The real star of the show, however, was the berry compote, which was sweet, tart, and fruity all at once. For my money, the cakes were even better than Bill’s in Sydney!

Mrs. Selfish got the trio of mushrooms, which were served with herb butter on sourdough bread, with lemon pepper avocado and a side of poached eggs. The trio of mushrooms were earthy and savory, with a delicious blend of herbs and spices that played nicely with the sourdough. Eaten with the poached egg it made for a satisfying, savory breakfast.

VERDICT: Thanks to the fresh, local ingredients breakfast at Zum was an incredibly satisfying experience. Definitely worth grabbing a bite or two here.

Machine Laundry Café – Best of the Best

Our second breakfast was at Machine Laundry-Café, located in the Salmanca Square. The café used to be a laundromat before someone got the bright idea to start serving breakfast. They still keep the coin operated washers and dryers on the premise, so if you need a place to bleach your whites you still have that option.

Lucky for us they decided to open a café, however. The food there is excellent. Wait in line for hours excellent. Eat there everyday and gradually destroy your health excellent.

I ordered the Parmesan & Pancetta Pancakes ($15 AUD), while Mrs. Selfish ordered the Magic Mushy with Poached Egg ($17 AUD).

The Parmesan & Pancake is the best breakfast I’ve ever had. Period. Normally I go for sweet pancakes, but when I saw it on the menu I had to order it. And man did it ever deliver.

The pancakes are packed with herbs and cheese, and are lightly seared on the bottom to give them a nice crunch while the center mysteriously retains its doughy-pancake quality. The pancetta is crispy and salty and oh-so-satisfying.

The real kicker, however, is their mysterious tomato oil pickle which is their own secret concoction. While they wouldn’t tell me what’s in it, it tasted like sundried tomatoes mixed with garlic, ginger, tumeric, cumin, and spicy peppers. Combined they give the pancakes and almost Spanish-Indian quality. So good.

The Magic Mushy also featured a trio of mushrooms topped with rocket (or arugula) and fresh feta cheese, on top of toasted sourdough bread, drizzled in salsa verde and served with a poached egg. While not quite as tasty as Zum’s, it was excellent nonetheless.

VERDICT: While the Magic Mushy was a little bit of a miss, the Parmesan & Pancetta Pancakes were easily the best pancakes I’ve ever had. I’d go back to Tasmania just to eat them again.

FINAL WORD: If you’re a breakfast fan, grab the next flight to Tasmania and head on down! Their freshly picked, locally sourced ingredients combined with their world class breakfast creativity make Hobart a must-visit location for foodies and breakfast enthusiasts.