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Mr. Selfish and I spent three lovely evenings in Adelaide, which is a coastal city in South Australia. One of Mr. Selfish’s friends from grad school, Greg, and his wife, Tanya, graciously showed us around and introduced us to the concept of the “meet and eat.” It requires two steps: (1) you meet animals and then (2) you eat the animals from step 1.

Step 1: Meeting the Animals

For step 1, we visited the Cleland Wildlife Park. We purchased the feed for $3 a bag and started meeting and feeding the animals we would later devour.

Meet and Eat 02Meet and Eat 03

We met quite a few emus, which are large flightless birds. They are similar to ostrich in size and taste. Mmmmmm…delicious!

Meet and Eat 16

Of course, we also met quite a few kangaroos and wallabies. Most of them were eager for the feed but some of them were clearly not interested.

Meet and Eat 17Meet and Eat 22Meet and Eat 20Meet and Eat 21KangarooMeet and Eat 25

And no, we didn’t eat any joeys. But they sure were cute.

Mr. Selfish and I also met a variety of other animals, which we did NOT consume later that night. Below are photos of a Tasmanian Devil, a white wombat, a dingo, and two bandicoots.

Meet and Eat 04Meet and Eat 05Meet and Eat 07Meet and Eat 09

The Cleland Wildlife Park allows everyone to have an up and close encounter with one of their many koalas. Although I already held a koala, it was great to see another one. Ours was an older male and liked to be pet on the backside.

Meet and Eat 13Meet and Eat 12

Step 2: Eating the Animals

Greg and Tanya decided to take us to Red Ochre (War Memorial Dr  North Adelaide SA 5006, Australia) for the grand tasting. It is located right on the water in Adelaide.

Meet and Eat 26Meet and Eat 27

Mr. Selfish and I both ordered the Red Ochre Grill Platter for $46.50 per person, which consisted of: kangaroo fillet, emu steak, lamb, venison sausage, crocodile, a pepperberry jam tomato with currant glaze, and a side of mash potato.

Meet and Eat 33Meet and Eat 34Meet and Eat 30

It was all outstanding but the highlights were the emu and the crocodile. Mr. Selfish and I had both had crocodile before, but the preparation at Red Ochre was far superior. The kangaroo was also tasty but it was a bit chewier than the emu, which just melted.

All in all, it was a successful meet and eat, and we have Greg and Tanya to thank for our wonderful experience!