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Mr. Selfish and I visited the National Gallery of Victoria, which is housed in two different buildings in Sydney. The first building near the CBD in Federation Square contains Australian art while the other building, which is a little further away, has international art.

We visited the building with the Australian art first. I particularly liked the art exhibit dedicated to the 1980’s.

Melbourne - Museums 005

I found the Aboriginal art to be interesting as well.

Melbourne - Museums 011

The museum had quite a hodgepodge of Australian art. Here are some of the other interesting pieces we saw.

Melbourne - Museums 007

Next, we visited the other building of the National Gallery, which houses the international art. There was a huge Monet exhibit going on but we decided to skip it since we had our fair share of Monet while in Paris.

Mr. Selfish and I had spent too much time in the other building and therefore had very limited time in this building. During our short perusal, I found the art collections to be quite diverse and impressive.

We admired the European art collections for most of our time and ran out of time just as we hit the modern art.

Melbourne - Museums 022

If you plan on visiting the National Gallery of Victoria, I recommend a full half day since both buildings are rather large and diverse. Other than the MONA in Hobart, it was our favorite museum in Australia.