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For the final leg of our international trip, Mr. Selfish and I spent two weeks driving around New Zealand. Here was our itinerary: (1) Auckland, (2) Cambridge, (3) Rotorua, (4) Wellington, (5) Renwick in the Marlborough wine region, (6) Christchurch, (7) Dunedin, (8) Queenstown, and (9) Milford Sound.

NZ Driving 001

And we drove all that in this amazing car:

NZ Driving 002

Yes, it was a 10-year old Mitsubishi that didn’t even have powered locks. But I must admit it did get us around, albeit with very little horsepower.

The following are some of the more spectacular views we had while driving our little Mitsubishi in the North Island.

NZ Driving 003NZ Driving 004NZ Driving 005NZ Driving 006Biggie NZ 239

We took the Interislander ferry between Wellington and Renwick. We loved the wine in Renwick, as well as the mini traffic jam due to the herd of sheep passing by.

NZ Driving 007NZ Driving 008NZ Driving 009NZ Driving 010

We found the drive in the South Island to be a bit more scenic, especially all of the ocean and mountain views between Christchurch and Dunedin.

NZ Driving 012NZ Driving 011NZ Driving 013NZ Driving 015NZ Driving 016NZ Driving 017

However, for us, the most beautiful part of New Zealand was Queenstown.

NZ Driving 019NZ Driving 020NZ Driving 021NZ 1396

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll go over our wonderful trip in New Zealand. I am certainly glad that we saved New Zealand for last; it was a lovely way to end our trip.