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Mr. Selfish and I spent two days in the Marlborough wine region. We rented an Airbnb apartment in Renwick, which is a perfect home base for wine tasting. We booked a tour through Highlight Wine Tour and the rest is a Sauvignon Blanc blur. We visited nine wineries and below is the summary of our impression of each winery.

1. Saint Clair: Best Sauvignon Blanc

While in the States, we loved drinking Fault Line, which is a Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region. We learned that Fault Line is actually produced at Saint Clair winery, so we knew we had to do a tasting there. We learned that the Fault Line is one of Saint Clair’s multiple labels that is sent to the States.

Saint Clair

The Fault Line was not available for tasting, but we tried the 2012 Sauvignon Blanc Wairu Reserve and ended up buying two bottles. It is the one of the best Sauv Blancs I’ve ever tasted.

2. Framingham: The Most Fun

At the entrance to the Framingham cellar door is a sign that states, “Taste and Win!” Mr. Selfish and I were intrigued.


At the end of your wine tasting, you can play a taste game in order win a free bottle of wine. In the game, you have to correctly identify three of the wines that you just tasted. We lost but we were graciously given a free bottle for our efforts. Aside from the fun game, we enjoyed the Pinot Gris and the Riesling from Framingham.

3. Wairu River: Best Lunch

Mr. Selfish and I only had two lunches in Marlborough so it is not that big of a sample, but we enjoyed lunch more at Wairu River.

Wairu River

I had a delicious green lipped mussel soup, and Mr. Selfish enjoyed a tasty burger. The Sauvignon Blanc was quite tropical at Wairu River but we refrained from buying any since it was the first winery we visited.

4. Gibson Bridge: Best Cellar Door

Gibson Bridge is by far the smallest winery that we visited in the Marlborough region but it is also the one with the most charming cellar door.


We purchased a bottle of the rosé, which was quite fruity and tasty.

5. Brancott Estate: Best View

In 1973, Brancott Estate was the first winery to open in the Marlborough region. Today, it is the largest winery in the area and undoubtedly has the best view.


We didn’t care for the wine too much, but it sure was nice to sit outside and enjoy the sunset.

6. Seresin: Best Organic Wines

Mr. Selfish and I enjoyed the organic wines at Seresin. I’m not sure what you have to do to be a certified organic winery but it is probably a lot of work.


The wines at Seresin were quite nice, and Mr. Selfish and I left with a bottle of Riesling.

We also visited three other wineries. First, we went to Hunter’s, which is another large winery.


Next, we visited Drylands, which had a very nice fortified wine that I wish I could have purchased.


Finally, we visited Rockferry for the other lunch we had in the Marlborough region. I had the salmon salad, and Mr. Selfish had an open-face steak sandwich. While both were good, they didn’t compare to our meal at Wairu River.


We loved the Marlborough region, because we always enjoy tasting and learning more about wines. Although Marlborough is primarily known for its Sauvignon Blancs, we discovered that we really like the Rieslings in the area as well. I highly recommend any of the top six wineries in this post if you are visiting in the area.