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Mrs. Selfish and I touched down back in the ol’ US-of-A three weeks ago in sunny Los Angeles. A massive departure from the tiny hamlet of Queenstown, we were immediately overwhelmed by American English and the shear diversity of the States.

With 19 hours of jetlag between our bodies and sunny California, Mrs. Selfish and I co-opted my sister’s car and hit the mean streets of LA.

Hollywood and the TCL Chinese Theater

LA Sights 01

Our first stop was Hollywood’s iconic Chinese Theater. Built in 1927, the theater has a regal, exotic feel, which is only slightly diminished by the tourist shops and people dressed in costume. Still, it’s an excellent place to people watch!

LA Sights 02LA Sights 03LA Sights 04

From the excellently decorated mall next door we even managed to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood sign.

LA Sights 05LA Sights 06


The Santa Monica Pier & Muscle Beach

Next we headed to the Santa Monica Pier. Built over a 100 years ago, the Santa Monica Pier is another nice place to people watch. After spending so long in cold ol’ Oceania, however, our tolerance for hot weather was rather low so we quickly hightailed it out of there.

LA Sights 13LA Sights 16LA Sights 14LA Sights 17LA Sights 15

Griffith Observatory

Last, but certainly not least, we headed for the beautiful Griffith Observatory for an outstanding view of the city. While I didn’t actually catch any of the observatory’s scientific aspects (which I was too jetlagged to properly appreciate), I was blown away by the observatory’s architectural style.

I mean, come on, this thing is beautiful.

LA Sights 07LA Sights 08LA Sights 10LA Sights 09LA Sights 11

That’s it for sights. Tomorrow I’ll be taking you through some of LA’s good cheap eats.