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Yesterday, I went over how much me and Mr. Selfish love the World Showcase at Epcot. Even aside from the World Showcase, Epcot is a very enjoyable park.

International Flower and Garden Festival

We love all of the different festivals that occur at Epcot, such as the International Flower and Garden Festival. This annual festival usually occurs between March and May. It’s fun to see what Disney has dreamed up in plant form each year.

Epcot 01Tinker and AuroraEpcot 54Epcot 57ParisEpcot 58Epcot 61

Spaceship Earth: Riding in the Golf Ball

Although the rides are more learning oriented than at the other parks, they are still fun. Mr. Selfish and I always ride Spaceship Earth, which is in the Epcot golf ball. We adore Judith Dench’s narration of the history of Earth. We also like choosing our own adventure and seeing what our future holds for us.

Spaceship Earth

Test Track: Faster than You Think

Test Track is the car simulation ride in Epcot. It used to be themed as GM but reopened in 2012 with a Chevrolet theme. The ride is mostly the same but now you can customize your own car and see how it performs against the other cars chosen by your co-riders. The line was at about 200 minutes so we did the single rider line, which only took about 25 minutes. I like how fast it goes at the end. I think we got up to 60 mph.

Test Track

The Seas: Finding Nemo and Crush

Prior to leaving Orlando, Mr. Selfish and I learned that Epcot has one of the world’s largest salt water aquariums. The tank contains over 5 million gallons of water. With over 80,000 marine inhabitants, the tank contains manatees and even dolphins.

Epcot 71Epcot 72Epcot 78

In order to get the aquarium, you have to ride the Finding Nemo ride, which is a kid’s ride where the Finding Nemo characters are projected onto the aquarium.

Finding Nemo

Lastly, you can go to Turtle Talk with Crush, whereby Crush is digitally puppeteered. The first time Mr. Selfish and I went, the older adults who came with their children were quite shocked that Crush could interact with the audience.

Epcot 79

Soarin’: California in a Five Minute Ride

Although we just rode Soarin’ at Disneyland recently, we still enjoyed Soarin’ at Epcot. It is exactly the same ride and fun as usual.

Epcot 69Epcot 70

Captain EO: MJ Again

Mr. Selfish and I watched Captain EO again, because who can resist a Michael Jackson from 1987?

Epcot 67Epcot 68

Club Cool: Sampling Cokes from Around the World

One last tip for Epcot is that if you are craving some soda, you should visit Club Cool to sample different Cokes from around the world for free. The samples are unlimited so you can definitely get your caffeine fix. I like the Mezzo Mix from Germany, which is a Coke with just a hint of orange.

Epcot 84Epcot 85

Mr. Selfish and I almost never stay for the fireworks, so I can’t really tell you how that is. But here’s a photo I took many years ago when my friends from out of town made me stay.

Epcot 86

Tomorrow, we’ll look at some of the other Disney World parks.