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Before heading west on our cross-country tour of the States, Mr. Selfish and I stayed in Virginia for a couple of weeks primarily to see my family and friends in the area. Since we are both originally from Virginia, we didn’t do much there other than hang out. So, here are some of the food highlights from our long stop in Virginia.

The Green Leafe: The Best Happy Hour Special Ever!

Mr. Selfish and I met during undergrad at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg. Since the campus is only about half an hour away from my parents’ place, we visited a few times during our stay in Virginia. We stopped by the Green Leafe (765 Scotland St., Williamsburg, VA), which is a pub very close to campus.

Green LeafeBar

We discovered that the Green Leafe still has an outstanding selection of draught beer. We were also happy to learn that the Green Leafe currently has an amazing happy hour from 5-9pm, during which all draught beer are 50% off! You can’t beat a pint of good beer for $2.

VA 078

Aroma’s: Roasting Marshmallows and Making S’Mores

Since we were already in Williamsburg, we decided to stop by Aroma Café (431 Prince George St., Williamsburg, VA) to make and eat some s’mores. They’re not the best in the world but it’s one of the few places in the area that you can roast marshmallows and make a s’more sandwich.

VA 086VA 091VA 092

Surf Rider: Delicious Crab Cakes

I grew up in Hampton, Virginia, which is a beach city. Of course, I had to get some seafood while I was in town. My cousins and I had dinner at Surf Rider (1 Marina Rd., Hampton, VA). Surf Rider’s specialty is crab cakes, which doesn’t have any filler, just crab meat (as it should be). I ordered some raw oysters and a tuna sandwich with half a crab cake. Both were delicious and uber-filling. My cousins split a crab cake dinner, which was more than enough for the both of them.

VA 005VA 104VA 007VA 010VA 009

Pho 79: Surprisingly Good Vietnamese Food

Every time a new Vietnamese restaurant opens in the area, my parents have to try it. They gave their stamp of approval to Pho 79 (12551 Jefferson Ave. #213, Newport News, VA), which had recently move from a prior location. For appetizers, we ordered eggrolls and the lotus salad. Both were pretty good – although the eggrolls are not as good as my mom’s.

VA 158VA 167VA 165

For the main event, I ordered the “dac biet” vermicelli bowl with grilled pork, beef, and chicken skewers. The skewers were perfectly cooked and seasoned. I found the bowl to be a little too large but that’s hardly a complaint.

VA 173

Mr. Selfish ordered the rice platter with shredded pork, a grilled pork chop, and a pork meatloaf. He enjoyed the entire platter but found the pork meatloaf to be particularly good and fresh.

VA 174

Although the menu is not large, Pho 79 has very good basic Vietnamese fare. I definitely recommend it if you are in the Hampton Roads area and craving some Viet food.

Buzz and Ned’s: Give Me that Barbeque!

Mr. Selfish and I couldn’t visit Virginia without having some barbeque. We opted to go to Buzz and Ned’s Real Barbeque (1119 N Blvd., Richmond, VA), which is our old standby for good barbeque in the Richmond area.

VA Trip 262VA Trip 257VA Trip 259VA Trip 260

The first time we ever heard about Buzz and Ned’s was from a Bobby Flay Throwdown episode on the Food Network. After we watched Buzz and Ned’s kick Bobby Flay’s butt, we knew we had to try it. We’ve tried a variety of items here, and I find the pulled pork to be the best protein. The brisket is not as good as it tends to be a little on the tougher side. I also think that the mac and cheese (not pictured) is a pretty tasty side item.

This concludes our first post on our journey driving across the country to California. Tomorrow, Mr. Selfish will go over some of the places we stopped after Virginia.