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Mr. Selfish and I enjoyed our 1.5 days in Yellowstone immensely. As we were plotting our way to our next destination, which was Salt Lake City, we decided to take a detour and drive through the Grand Teton National Park, which is only 10 miles south of Yellowstone. It tacked on an extra four hours or so, but it was worth it.

Grand Teton 01Grand Teton 05Grand Teton 06

Since we were short on time, we decided to take the 10-minute boat ride across Jenny Lake, instead of walking the loop around the lake. It cost $12 per person for a round trip ride.

Grand Teton 02Grand Teton 04

The boat was quite full, and after the boat docked, everyone immediately headed for Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. We opted to go in the opposite direction and walked through the woods instead. We were mostly on our own.

Grand Teton 08Grand Teton 09

After an hour of walking uphill, we came upon the Cascade Canyon, which was beautiful.

Grand Teton 10Grand Teton 13Grand Teton 14

On our way down, we stopped by Inspiration Point and Hidden Falls. It was a steep climb down, so I’m glad that we didn’t go that way coming up.

Grand Teton 15Grand Teton 16Grand Teton 17Hidden Falls

That’s it for a brief detour into the Grand Teton National Park. I certainly wish that we had more time there but we had to make dinner with our friend in Salt Lake City!