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As I went over yesterday, Mr. Selfish and I took over 50,000 photos during this past year. Although we weren’t in each of these photos, we were in plenty of them and definitely learned a thing or two about posing for photos.

Although the photographer is very important, a model should also know what he/she is doing. Here are our posing tips.

1.  Know your angles.

Some people look good face on. Others look good from one side. Whatever it is, know your angles and pose that way.

Your Angle_thumb

2.  Wear bright colors.

I never realized how important it was to wear bright color clothes in photos until this selfish year. Just look at the difference between the two photos below. In the first, I’m wearing a tan jacket and completely blend in with the background. In the latter, I’m wearing my bright orange coat, and you can easily spot me.

Colorful Clothes1_thumb[1]Colorful Clothes2_thumb

3.  Look down.

Mr. Selfish wants me to point out that the picture below is a bit older and that he has since then lost weight. But you can see the problem with not looking down (especially if you have a double chin!).

Look Down_thumb

4.  Don’t lean back or in.

You should be aware of your body. In the first photo below, I’m leaning back, which makes my arm huge and my head tiny. In the second photo, the entire group is leaning in when we clearly do not need to. Whenever you take a group photo, don’t lean in. The photographer will usually adjust the photo to capture the entire group.

Leaning Back_thumb[1]Leaning In_thumb[1]

5.  Don’t be afraid to take stupid photos.

Even though I felt goofy taking them at the time, I now love all of my silly photos. They always make me smile. Cut loose and take those stupid photos. You won’t regret them!

Dalat 23_thumbHong Kong 140_thumb

6.  You don’t always have to face the camera.

As a model, you don’t always have to look at the camera. Sometimes, the most interesting shots are of you looking somewhere else.

Not Look at Camera1_thumbSpain Castle

7.  Find the light.

Even though it may be dark, it’s your job as the model to find the light.

Find the Light_thumb

This concludes our two part series on photography. You can review our tips on taking photos in yesterday’s post.

We hoped you have enjoyed our photos during this selfish year. We’ve definitely enjoying taking them and being in them!