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Mr. Selfish and I have been taking advantage of the amazing sunny weather we’ve been having in SF. People keep telling me that it is not typical, so every time, it’s even remotely sunny I drag Mr. Selfish somewhere outside to view my current obsession – the Golden Gate Bridge. I may have mentioned this obsession previously (Part 1 and Part 2). During one particularly nice and sunny day, we went to Lands End to walk along the Coastal Trail, which has quite a new view of the Bridge.

Land's End 10Land's End 21

We parked at the Sutro Baths and walked all the way to the end of the trail before Baker Beach. It is about a 3 mile round trip walk.

Land's End 01Land's End 02Land's End 03

The Sutro Baths were interesting to see. They used to be a large privately owned swimming pool complex in the late 19th century but the building burned down in 1966 and only the ruins remain.

Land's End 07Land's End 08Sutro BathsLand's End 06

After the Sutro Baths, we started our walk toward Eagle’s Point.

Land's End 09Land's End 12Land's End 13Land's End 14Land's End 15

Initially, the path is nice and paved. But once you walk a little further, the path is unpaved and you have to walk down some stairs to Eagle’s Point.

Land's End 16Land's End 19Land's End 22

There is a random labyrinth at Eagle’s Point, and you have a good view of the abandoned lighthouse in the water nearby. Mr. Selfish and I just hung out at Eagle’s Point for a while and enjoyed the view of the Bridge. I was also saving my energy for all of the stairs I would have to walk up.

Land's End 20Land's End 17

Mr. Selfish and I then walked to the end of the Coastal Trail and took the Camino del Mar Trail back toward the parking lot near Sutro Baths. We walked by a golf course, as well as the Legion of Honor, which I’ll go over in my next post.

Land's End 24

You can see my other two posts on the Golden Gate Bridge here and here. Where else do you recommend going for a great view of the Bridge?