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This is the second of six posts on the Maldives. Check out our other posts here:

As much as I enjoy flying, Mrs. Selfish and I are less about the journey and more about the destination. After a grueling 20 hours of flying, and 36 hours of jetlag in Hong Kong, we had finally reached our destination: The Conrad Rangali.

The Conrad Rangali has been relentlessly hyped up over the years as one of the premiere destinations to reach on miles & points – and with good reason. While the Conrad Rangali is difficult to get to, it is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous places on earth.

Biggie Maldives 068


After exiting the plane we were greeted by our island host, who took us to the main lobby. Your island host is your go-to-guy-or-gal for all activities and reservations at the Conrad Rangali, and is supposed to be your main point of contact. In practice we usually had better luck dealing with reception. Check-in was smooth, and took place in the Conrad’s beautiful outside lobby.

Maldives 092

After sitting and chatting for our host, and downing a quick coconut, we were off to our room!

Maldives 090

Sipping coconuts in paradise. Aw yeah.

Mrs. Selfish and I ended up booking 3 nights using a combination of 2 free night certificates and 50,000 HHonors points we had leftover from our Hilton adventures in Australia.

The Room

After getting a taste for overwater bungalows at El Nido in the Philippines, and the Hilton Bora Bora, Mrs. Selfish and I decided to give it a third go and upgrade to an OWB at the Conrad Maldives.

The upgrade from a standard beach villa to a standard overwater bungalow runs around $350 a night, but we managed to bargain the hotel down to $300. I use the word “bargain,” but it was still really, really expensive. It was a case of you-get-what-you-pay-for, however.

The room was stellar.

Biggie Maldives 011Maldives 117Maldives 112

The room was modern, clean, and large. Having come off of a recent renovation, the room oozed luxury. The bathroom was also quite nice, and came with dual sinks, a massive waterfall-style shower, and a bathtub.

OWB 007Maldives 116

While the inside was nice, the outside was spectacular! A mixture of the Conrad Koh Samui and the Hilton Bora Bora, the Conrad Rangali combined an overwater bungalow with a private pool.

Maldives 113Maldives 129Biggie Maldives 015Biggie Maldives 016OWB 021

The overwater bungalow has a set of stairs that drop off right into the water. Unfortunately, on the west side the water is rather shallow (or at least it was in November), and was only about 3 feet deep.

As a gold member, Mrs. Selfish and I received a box of chocolates and a half bottle of champagne. The room also came with two bottles of water which were restocked in the morning and the evening.

Maldives 133Maldives 134

The Conrad Rangali has something like 9 different room types. We ended up snagging a standard overwater bungalow facing the sunset. If you’re considering a stay at the Conrad Rangali, I highly suggest booking a room in the 315 – 330.

Here’s the view of the sunset from our room:

Maldives 286

And here’s a picture Mrs. Selfish snapped of the map:

Maldives 138

The Grounds

As nice as the room was, the Conrad Rangali’s grounds steal the show. Admittedly, Mrs. Selfish and I caught a break with the weather, but the Conrad Rangali is a mixture of stunning natural beauty and high luxury.

Maldives 147 Biggie Maldives 080Biggie Maldives 093Maldives 178Maldives 189Biggie Maldives 146 Conrad RangaliMaldives 246Maldives 400Maldives 349Maldives 438Maldives 291Maldives 299Biggie Maldives 208

A truly stunning property, indeed. Tomorrow Mrs. Selfish will cover some of the Conrad’s free(er) activities.