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After a grueling 2 connections and 20 hours of flying, Mrs. Selfish and I finally arrived in Istanbul. A good 10 hours ahead of our home time zone, Mrs. Selfish and I were pretty beat, but there were places to go, things to see, food to eat.

Having recently attained diamond status through the Hyatt Diamond challenge, I was pretty excited to check out the Park Hyatt Istanbul. Mrs. Selfish and I have stayed at the Park Hyatt Zurich, Sydney, and Tokyo (where we pumped iron with Arnold Schwarzenegger), so I was looking forward to seeing whether or not the Park Hyatt Istanbul lives up to those other fabulous hotels.

Park Hyatt Istanbul 003

Short  answer: it does.

Getting there and booking the award

The Park Hyatt Istanbul is located 15 minutes outside of Istanbul’s old town, in a relatively quiet, posh, side of town. The closest attraction is Taksim Square, which is only 5 minutes away by cab. While its distance away from the main tourist traps ensures you’ll get a quiet night’s sleep, it also means you can’t get there by public transportation.

With that in mind we opted to take a taxi from the airport. The taxi cost roughly 70 Turkish Lira (~$34 USD), and was a pretty painless experience. Not only did the cabbie speak English, but he also ran the meter – score!

Park Hyatt Istanbul 031

The lobby – usually stocked with complimentary cheese or cookies.

The Park Hyatt Istanbul is a category 5 hotel, which means it costs 20,000 points per night for an award night. I booked the room for 4 nights at the cash + points rate, which is 10,000 points + $125 a night.

While I would have preferred to pay in points, paying with cash + points had two side benefits: 1) I was able to use a diamond suite certificate to upgrade us to one of the hotel’s coveted Spa Rooms, 2) all 4 nights counted toward Hyatt’s 1st quarter promotion, which meant we only needed one more night at a Hyatt property to earn a free night at a category 1-4 hotel!

The Park Hyatt Istanbul is pretty small compared to other Park Hyatt’s, but has all the elegance and polish you’d expect. Service is prompt and professional, and the overall decor is quite nice.Park Hyatt Istanbul 033Park Hyatt Istanbul 032

They even have a complimentary cheese platter every night, with freshly sliced smoked turkey – delicious!

The room

Thanks to a diamond suite upgrade certificate, we ended up in one of the Park Hyatt Istanbul’s spa rooms. While not technically a suite, the room is pretty spacious.

Park Hyatt Istanbul 005Park Hyatt Istanbul 006Park Hyatt Istanbul 007

Plenty of space to store our luggage!

Park Hyatt Istanbul 008Park Hyatt Istanbul 009

The room also came with a diamond gift, which was a bowl of fresh fruit and a bottle of wine. The fruit was refreshing and tasty, while the wine was… awful. In hindsight, I probably would have opted for the 1,000 Hyatt points instead.

The main selling point of the room, however, is the bathroom. The Spa Room comes with… a Turkish Spa (duh!).

Having grown accustom to saunas during our Selfish Year of travels, and since it was quite chilly in Istanbul, Mrs. Selfish and I enjoyed soaking in the spa room after a busy day of exploring the city.

Bathroom 01

Sauna on the left, odd Turkish traditional bathing area on right

Bathroom 02Park Hyatt Istanbul 014

The bathroom also came with a bath, which was quite nice and came with a “mood light” that alternated between 4 different colors. Fancy!


Breakfast at the Park Hyatt Istanbul is a mix of standard continental fare with a huge splash of local foods. For our first few days we opted for room service and tried to order as many different Turkish dishes as possible.

Park Hyatt Istanbul 018

Breakfast is…awesome. Here’s some of the dishes we tried.

Park Hyatt Istanbul 015

Menemen with scrambled eggs, tomato, pepper and chili flakes. Sour and savory, it was a nice take on scrambled eggs.

Park Hyatt Istanbul 016

Spiced brown lentils, sucuk, and fried egg. Lentils mixed with a spiced sausage hash, topped with a fried egg. Our favorite dish by far.

Park Hyatt Istanbul 030

Open faced omelet, tomatoes, sucuk, and cheese. Good, but not as different from a normal sausage and egg breakfast as I’d like.

Park Hyatt Istanbul 017

Bread basket – check out the bread rings in the back – that’s simit, a sesame bread ring. Done properly, it’s awesome. Here, it was a little stale, though still good.

Park Hyatt Istanbul 019

They even had watermelon juice, Mrs. Selfish’s favorite juice in the whole wide world.

As good as room service was, we decided to it would be best to see how breakfast was in the restaurant – for science!

Park Hyatt Istanbul 020 Park Hyatt Istanbul 021Park Hyatt Istanbul 022Park Hyatt Istanbul 023

The spread was pretty great, though no different from what you can get in your room. That being said, I was a huge fan of getting more simit and smoked turkey without having to get the accompanying continental breads and meats.

Park Hyatt Istanbul 024Park Hyatt Istanbul 028

Mmmm, nom, nom, nom…

We also decided to try some of the Western breakfast options. I ordered the vanilla waffle and Mrs. Selfish ordered the pancakes.

Park Hyatt Istanbul 029

The pancakes were delicate and oh-so-thin, served with stewed seasonal fruit and Canadian maple syrup. So good.

Park Hyatt Istanbul 026

The vanilla waffle was excellent as well, with the vanilla flavor coming through without overpowering the waffle’s natural tastiness.

All and all we had 4 days of delicious (and free) breakfasts at the Park Hyatt Istanbul. I can still taste the sucuk.


While it was a little off the beaten path, the Park Hyatt Istanbul is an excellent hotel, and well worth a visit. From the service, to the food, to the spa I thoroughly enjoyed ever minute we spent there. Even better, we were able to pay with cash & points, which means we are now 4/5 of the way to a free night, which we will use for our next trip.

Join us tomorrow when Mrs. Selfish will discuss some of Istanbul’s delicious cheap eats!