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When Mr. Selfish and I landed in Istanbul, one of the first things we did was take a taxi to the Hagia Sophia. I had been compulsively checking the weather forecast for Istanbul the week prior to our trip. Unfortunately, it was to be rainy and cloudy the majority of our stay in Istanbul – except for that first day. So despite our jetlag, we immediately left our hotel room and headed for the Hagia Sophia.

We weren’t disappointed. The sun was gloriously shining, and the view of the Hagia Sophia was amazing.

Hagia Sophia 001

There are several benches and even a fountain in front of the Hagia Sophia. You can just sit and enjoy the view.

We returned a couple of days later on a rainy and miserable day to tour the inside.

The Hagia Sophia was completed in the year 537 and was an Eastern Orthodox church for the majority of that time until 1453. Between 1204 and 1261, it was briefly a Roman Catholic cathedral. In 1453, it became a mosque, and then in 1935, it was opened as a museum. Entry into the museum cost 35 TL, which is about $12 USD.

Hagia Sophia 003

With its rich history, the Hagia Sophia is an architectural beauty with Christian and Islamic features. I loved seeing the Christian images set against the Islamic symbols.

Hagia Sophia 007SophiaHagia Sophia 013Hagia Sophia 014

The massive dome is considered to be the epitome of Byzantine architecture.

Hagia Sophia 008HagiaHagia Sophia 009Hagia Sophia 016

The Christian mosaics were also quite impressive. I liked how they depict Jesus and Mary with the then-reigning emperors and empresses.

Hagia Sophia 017Hagia Sophia 018Hagia Sophia 019

There were also some other interesting artifacts, including huge urns, each carved from one slab of marble.


On our last evening in Istanbul, we headed back to the Hagia Sophia for one final view.

Hagia Sophia 021

I highly recommend visiting the Hagia Sophia if you come to Istanbul. It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip!