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Istanbul has the distinction of being in two continents. While the old historic part of Istanbul is in Europe, the Asian side is merely across the Bosphorus Strait. Mr. Selfish and I love the idea of being in both Europe and Asia in one day, so we opted to take a day trip from Europe to Asia.

Day Trip

Starting in Europe: Dolmabahçe Palace

Right near our hotel and on the European coastline of the Bosphorus Strait is Dolmabahçe Palace. Construction on the palace finished in 1856 and cost approximately $1.5 billion USD in today’s currency. It was built to replace Topkapı Palace as the Sultan’s residence and is considered to be the Versailles of Turkey. The palace was a significant factor in the decline of the finances of the Ottoman Empire, which eventually slid into bankruptcy. Needless to say, it is quite elaborate and ornate.

Day Trip to Asia 008Day Trip to Asia 011PalaceDay Trip to Asia 013

Admission to Dolmabahçe Palace costs 30 TL ($14.45 USD) and includes a tour of the inside in English. You can only visit the inside of the palace with a tour guide. While waiting for our tour to begin, Mr. Selfish and I wandered around the outside grounds.

Day Trip to Asia 009Day Trip to Asia 006Day Trip to Asia 007Day Trip to Asia 010Day Trip to Asia 012

The inside tour took about 45 minutes. It was a rather large group, which made it difficult to hear the tour guide, whose English wasn’t that great. Nevertheless, it was a worthwhile tour because the inside is so well preserved. We weren’t technically allowed to take photos but I sneaked a few anyhow.

Day Trip to Asia 017Palace2Day Trip to Asia 019Day Trip to Asia 020

Crossing the Strait: Great Views for Only 3 TL!

Next, we took a boat from Kabataş to cross the Bosphorus Strait. It only cost 3 TL ($1.45 USD) per person.

Day Trip to Asia 023Day Trip to Asia 024

Below are photos of Dolmabahçe Palace from the Bosphorus Strait.

Day Trip to Asia 001Day Trip to Asia 025Day Trip to Asia 026Day Trip to Asia 027

It was a lovely boat ride. We had great views of the Dolmabahçe Mosque, which is right next to the palace, as well as views of the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, and the Süleymaniye Mosque.

Day Trip to Asia 021Day Trip to Asia 028Day Trip to Asia 037

On the Asian Side of Istanbul: Maiden’s Tower

After the very short boat ride, Mr. Selfish and I were officially in Asia. We walked along the water until we came along a great view of the Maiden’s Tower, which is a small tower on an island in the Bosphorus Strait.

Day Trip to Asia 031

Legend has it that an emperor had a much beloved daughter, whose prophecy was to be bitten by a snake and perish before her 18th birthday. To prevent this prophecy, the emperor supposedly built Maiden’s Tower so that his daughter could live on the island in safety. On his daughter’s 18th birthday, the emperor came to the island with a basket of fruit to celebrate that he had defeated the prophecy. Of course, there was a snake in the basket and the girl perished.

You can take a little boat to Maiden’s Tower for 20 TL ($9.63 USD). Mr. Selfish and I opted not to do so since the weather wasn’t that great. Instead, we had some apple tea and Turkish coffee and enjoyed the view of Maiden’s Tower from afar.

Day Trip to Asia 032Day Trip to Asia 035Day Trip to Asia 036

Wandering Around Kadıköy: Ice Cream and Turkish Delights

Afterward, we took a taxi to Kadıköy, which is a quaint district on the Asian side of Istanbul. We had lunch at Ciya Kebab (located at Carsi ici Kadikoy) and a pre-dinner snack at Borsam Tasfirin (a small chain with several restaurants in Kadıköy), both of which I’ve discussed in previous posts.

Day Trip to Asia 038

Despite these meals, Mr. Selfish and I still managed to have the amazing ice cream treat called “Kup Griye” at Baylan Patisserie (located at Muvakkithane Caddesi No:19 Kadıköy). It’s made out of creamy vanilla ice cream with smooth caramel sauce, ground pistachio, almonds, crunchy bits of toffee, and fluffy whipped cream. And yes, it is good as it sounds.

Day Trip to Asia 039Day Trip to Asia 040Day Trip to Asia 042Day Trip to Asia 041

Although the Kup Griye costs 14.5 TL ($7 USD), it’s totally worth it!

Right across the street from Baylan is a Turkish delight store called Ali Muhiddin Hadji Bekir (located at Osmanağa Mah. Muvakkithane Sok. 6/A, Osmanağa). We sampled a few, which were quite delightful indeed, and purchased a box as a gift.

Day Trip to Asia 045Day Trip to Asia 046Day Trip to Asia 047Day Trip to Asia 048

Ferry Back to Europe: Only 3 TL Per Person

Finally, we took the ferry from Kadıköy back to the European side of Istanbul. It only cost 3 TL ($1.44 USD) per person. It’s pretty easy to use the token machines; just be sure to have some change on you.

Istabul 713Istabul 712

The boat back was quite chilly but the views were quite nice.

Day Trip to Asia 049Day Trip to Asia 050Day Trip to Asia 051

This was our last full day in Istanbul. Next up is Mr. Selfish’s post on the Turkish Airway’s business class lounge.