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This is the fourth of twelve posts on our safari in Tanzania. Check out our other posts here:

Mr. Selfish and I spent our first two days in Tanzania exploring Tarangire National Park, which is close to our accommodations at Maramboi Tented Camp.  Tarangire is about 75 miles southwest of Arusha and is approximately 1,100 square miles in size.  Tarangire is famous for its vast amount of elephants.

Tarangire 028Tarangire 020Tarangire 021Tarangire 022

For lunch on our second day, Francis, our driver, found a perfect shaded spot under a tree with a great view of a herd of elephant passing by.  I especially enjoyed seeing the younger elephants rough housing with one another.

Tarangire 024Tarangire 026Tarangire 027

There were so many elephants.  It was amazing seeing them interact with one another.

Aside from the elephants, we got close-up views of tons of giraffes and zebras.

Tarangire 008Tarangire 009GiraffesTarangire 014Tarangire 017Tarangire 018

We also spotted a variety of antelopes, such as Thomson’s gazelles (not to be confused with Gisele the supermodel) and dik-diks (so small and adorable).

Tarangire 003Tarangire 005Tarangire 019Tarangire 004

Bird enthusiasts are also attracted to Tarangire since there are hundreds of types of birds present year-round. Other than the ostriches, I couldn’t tell you what type of birds they were, but they sure were pretty.

Tarangire 006Tarangire 007Tarangire 013

We definitely enjoyed the first two days of our safari at Tarangire.  Next up is our drive around Lake Manyara.