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This is the ninth of twelve posts on our safari in Tanzania. Check out our other posts here:

Mr. Selfish and I stayed at the Ndutu Under Canvas campsite, which is a seasonal campsite in the Serengeti National Park from December until March.

Ndutu Under Canvas Camp 001

This campsite was the epitome of glamping (glamorous camping). I’ve never been too much of an outdoorsy kinda girl, so I was a little bit weary of this campsite. I didn’t have anything to worry about. Apparently, “[w]hen you’re glamping, there’s no tent to pitch, no sleeping bag to unroll, no fire to build.”

The campsite had probably about a dozen tents. Our tent was the one furthest away from the communal tent area.

Ndutu Under Canvas Camp 003Ndutu Under Canvas Camp 009Ndutu Under Canvas Camp 010

It was small but quite comfortable. There was a flushable toilet, a shower, and a sink with running water. For the shower, the attendants give you a time during which they bring the hot water. You use the water sparingly but hey, it’s hot water at a campsite in the Serengeti, so I’m not complaining. On a side note, there is also water and detergent in front of each tent so that you can do small batches of laundry.

Ndutu Under Canvas Camp 011Ndutu Under Canvas Camp 012InsideSink

The unlimited buffet of hot and delicious food and alcohol wasn’t too shabby either.

Ndutu Under Canvas Camp 006Ndutu Under Canvas Camp 016Ndutu Under Canvas Camp 017Ndutu Under Canvas Camp 018Ndutu Under Canvas Camp 019

At night, the attendants set up a large bonfire. You can sit, watch the sunset, and enjoy some beverages.

Ndutu Under Canvas Camp 020Ndutu Under Canvas Camp 021Ndutu Under Canvas Camp 022

I slept like a baby during our two nights at Ndutu Under Canvas. After our first evening, however, I confirmed during breakfast that the odd noises I had heard the previous night were hyenas. Thankfully, the animals (for whatever reason) never breach the tents. Although hyenas are terrifying to me, I’m glad that me and Mr. Selfish decided to stay at Ndutu Under Canvas. It was a wonderful experience sleeping right in the middle of the Serengeti.