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This is post ten of twelve on our autumn trip to South Korea. Check out the other posts in this series here:

Back during our Selfish Year, Mrs. Selfish and I had a blast at Seoul’s Trick Eye Museum. If you’ve never heard of them, the Trick Eye Museums are a private, for-profit series of galleries found in South Korea, China, and Singapore.

They’re not really museums, so much as they are galleries brimming with opportunities for stupid pictures.

I’m normally pretty shy about ridiculous photos in public, but Trick Eye is a completely different beast altogether. This is a no-holds-bar-bring-your-A-game kind of event.

Especially if you want to keep up with Mrs. Selfish who excels at this kind of stuff.

I mean, who can compete with THIS?

Entry to the Trick Eye is 10,000 KRW (~$10 USD) per person, and they tend to be open until late evening. They appear to close right after Happy Hour times, so if you time it right you could have a real blast.

You don’t really need alcohol to have a good time here though folks. This place is pretty ridiculous on its own.

Trick Eye 006Trick Eye 009Trick Eye 011

All and all we paid less than $20 for 40 minutes of posing, fake screaming, and good ol’ fashioned fun. Plus we may have even scored a picture for our annual stupid-photo Christmas card. Victory!

Join us tomorrow when I’ll go over Busan’s BBQ eats.