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This is post one of sixteen of our summer trip to Greece. Check out our other posts in the series here:

Man, what a year it’s been! I reported back on the first half of our trip to Taiwan and Greece back in September, and then skipped ahead to our trip to Korea.

Why? Chalk it up to preparing for Baby Selfish, too much traveling, or downright laziness, but the fact of the matter is that I broke up Taiwan and Greece because they felt like two separate trips. I mean, check out this map:triplethejetlagfor120000miles

Finally! A legit round-the-world trip.

So that brings me back to Greece. Mrs. Selfish and I visited Italy back in 2010, and Turkey earlier this year, but Greece had always been high up on our list.

Greece 001

You don’t really need a reason with sites like this.

I couldn’t tell you exactly why. Perhaps it has something to do with my obsession with classical civilizations, or Mrs. Selfish’s love of Mama Mia, or our mutual passion for Greek Food. Either way, when I started looking at award tickets, a US – Taiwan – Greece ticket totally made sense.

Here’s what our trip looked like.

Greece 002

With only 11 days in Greece, Mrs. Selfish and I made a b-line for Athens. The largest city in Greece, Athens was the perfect place to recover from jetlag and take in some of Greece’s ancient sites. Hotel options were a little limited, and Hyatt didn’t have many locations in Greece, so Mrs. Selfish and I decided to spend 4 nights at the Hilton Athens.

Greece 004Greece 003

From there, Mrs. Selfish and I hopped on a plane bound for the Greek Islands. Our destination? Santorini.

Greece 005 Greece 006 Greece 007

Santorini was gorgeous, but absolutely packed, so we jumped on a ferry and headed to Naxos. Relatively unknown outside of Greece (and certainly not in the States), Naxos is the island Greeks visit on vacation.

Greece 008 Greece 009 Greece 010 Greece 011

The beauty of Santorini notwithstanding, this was perhaps my favorite stop in Greece. Not only was it beautiful and empty, but it had the best sausages I’ve ever had in my life!

With a sad farewell, we grabbed the last ferry from Naxos bound for Mykonos.

Greece 012 Greece 013

Where Santorini was touristy, Mykonos was downright trashy. Still, there were a few sites worth seeing.

From there we caught one last ferry, this time heading back to Athens, before boarding a plane to London then Montreal where we received the biggest surprise yet: an upgrade to the Presidential Suite!

Montreal 005Montreal 015

Seriously, how did that even happen?

Join us tomorrow where I’ll be talking about our first stop, the Hilton Athens.