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This is post five of sixteen of our summer trip to Greece. Check out our other posts in the series here:

I have a mixed relationship with museums. I love walking through them, but scarcely read anything. This means that an average museum trip for Mrs. Selfish and I is usually less than 2 hours.

We’ve blazed through the Uffizi in Florence (where we almost missed the Birth of Venus), the Louvre in Paris, the British Museum in London, and the Museum of Natural History in NYC, to name a few. Undoubtedly we missed much.

So when it came to Athens, I was debating whether or not we should even head indoors. With 3 full days in Athens, however, it became clear that we were running out of things to do, so we decided to head to the National Archaeological Museum and the Byzantine Museum. Good thing too, as both proved to be well worth the trip.

The National Archaeological Museum

Athens Museums 002

Considered (by Wikipedia) to be one of the greatest museums in the world, the National Archaeological Museum has one of the largest collections of ancient artifacts I’ve ever seen.

I love me some Greek statues, so this was well worth the trip. It was also nice to actually see the statues in Greece, as opposed to other European museums where they were “on loan” or had been looted from Greece hundreds of years ago. Entrance to the museum was 7 euros per person.

Athens Museums 003Athens Museums 004Athens Museums 005Athens Museums 006Athens Museums 008Athens Museums 009Athens Museums 010Athens Museums 007

Mrs. Selfish and I usually like to stupid poses of statues, but this trip was a bit of a fail since the guards seemed a little sensitive. I’ve actually never had anyone warn me off of posing, but perhaps Athens has a “do-not-mock-our-statues” law.

Athens Museums 015Athens Museums 012Athens Museums 013Athens Museums 014Athens Museums 017Athens Museums 016Athens Museums 011

There was also a temporary exhibit on statues that had been recovered from a sunken Greek ship. Housed in an eerie deep blue room, I was struck by how well the statues had weathered hundreds of years of seawater.

The National Archaeological Museum also has a pretty slick Egyptian collection. Not nearly as large as the British Museum, but they had a collection of bronzes with different mythological figures I had never seen anywhere else before.

Athens Museums 019Athens Museums 020Athens Museums 021

The Byzantine Museum

Athens Museums 023

Next we headed to the Byzantine Museum. The museum has an epic collection of Byzantine and Christian art, with over 25,000 exhibits. Also, the building itself is gorgeous.

Athens Museums 024Athens Museums 025

Entrance is 4 euros per person and is totally worth it. Unlike most Byzantine exhibits, which feature gold-plated saint after gold-plated saint, the Byzantine Museum in Athens features a range of works including statues, remnants of ancient buildings, garb, furniture, and bad-ass murals.

Athens Museums 026Athens Museums 027Athens Museums 028Athens Museums 029Athens Museums 030Athens Museums 031Athens Museums 032Athens Museums 033

We didn’t even attempt stupid pictures here.

Athens Museums 034Athens Museums 035Athens Museums 036Athens Museums 037Athens Museums 038Athens Museums 039Athens Museums 040Athens Museums 041

Even if you’re not a fan of Judeo-Christian art I’d say the museum is well worth a visit. This was one of the more impressive small museums we’ve ever visited, and I don’t even (typically) like Byzantine art.

Join us tomorrow for our last post on Athens, and then it’s on to the Greek Islands!