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This is post seven of sixteen of our summer trip to Greece. Check out our other posts in the series here:

After an activity-packed stay in Athens, Mrs. Selfish and I left the Hilton Athens and headed to the airport. Our destination, Santorini: one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea.

The flight was brief, and before I knew it we were in a van bound for Oia, the beautiful cliff side village filled with jaw dropping views that have become synonymous with Santorini.

The Room

While I normally try to book hotels with points, Greece had less options for point hotels than most marketplaces, and Oia fewer still. Other than a handful of extremely expensive Starwood properties, everything else was cash – and it was expensive. Like $400 a night expensive.

Fortunately, Mrs. Selfish and I found the Captain’s House. Located in the midst of Oia, this was a true steal at $188 a night.

The Captain’s House has an entrance off of the main road and is in the style of a cave house. The house is actually a full-fledged house, with a small kitchen, and an upstairs bathroom.

While we didn’t use the kitchen for much cooking, our host brought us fresh bread, fruit, and coffee every morning. Simple? Yes, but also quite delicious!

The bedroom in the Captain’s House is in the cave style, which are normally a little damp. Fortunately, the house is equipped with a European style room air conditioner, so the bedroom was a great place to cool down during the middle of the day.

The bedroom connects directly to the kitchen, and contains the house’s main feature – a balcony.

There is also an upstairs balcony on the roof, with even better views. Since half of visiting Santorini is just taking in the seaside view, we spent a lot of time up on one balcony or another.

Pretty frickin’ stunning.

For every up, however, there is a down and in the Captain’s House it’s the bathroom. Since the house is over a hundred years old (or is in the style of an old Greek cave house), I was expecting the plumbing to be a bit outdated.

I wasn’t expecting that we wouldn’t be able to flush the toilet paper. No sirree.

What is this, China?

That complaint aside, Mrs. Selfish and I had a delightful two-night stay at the Captain’s House. I mean, how can you complain when you go to sleep to this every night?

Join us tomorrow when Mrs. Selfish returns to talk about Santorini’s Spectacular Sights!