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This is post ten of sixteen of our summer trip to Greece. Check out our other posts in the series here:

Santorini is a major tourist trap – there’s no use mincing words here. Despite that, it is also one of those must-see-before-you-die locations.

Unfortunately, like most tourist traps Santorini (and in particular Oia) is filled with over-priced mediocre restaurants whose main selling point is the view. Fortunately thanks to some local recommendations and the power of the Internet we managed to score a few good meals.

Fresh Squid at Amoudi Fish Tavern

Located at the Western most part of Oia, the Amoudi Fish Tavern can be found right at sea level, which is always a good sign when one is looking for fresh seafood.

Seating is indoors and outside. Since it was a beautiful summer day, Mrs. Selfish and I opted to sit outside in the shade so we could enjoy the refreshing sea breeze.

We had heard the meal was a little pricey, so decided to go for lunch. Good thing, too, since it turns out they charge 25 euros per kilo of squid! More than a little famished, Mrs. Selfish and I ordered a half kilo of squid, seafood risotto, and some bread for starters.

While a little basic, the bread had a lovely aroma and was accompanied by salty kalamata olives.

The squid was fresh and cooked to perfection, before it was squirted with a dash of lemon juice and lightly garnished with herbs. Tender, fresh, pleasantly sour, and utterly delicious.

The seafood risotto, at 17 euros was actually quite plentiful. Salty, with a delicious ocean flavor it was loaded with mussels, prawns, and fresh chunks of fish. So good.

After finishing the risotto, Mrs. Selfish and I were pretty stuffed. It was at this point our waiter surprised us with complimentary dessert – some sort of Greek donuts in honey with vanilla ice cream.

Free and tasty! My favorite type of food.

While a little pricey, this meal was totally worth the money. That being said, it does require more effort to get to than most restaurants in Oia, so you’ll certainly work up a good appetite!

Two Times the Dinner at Roka

With plenty of outdoor seating, Roka is a charming eatery that serves traditional Greek food in a cozy setting. Located on the outskirts of Oia, Roka can be a little difficult to find, but man is it worth it.

Mrs. Selfish and I ended up eating here two nights in a row, thanks to the quality of the food and their low (for the area) prices. Here are a few things we tried.

Beetroot Salad

Finely sliced beetroots are marinated in a vinegar and garlic yogurt sauce and served on top of potato slices. Light, while still creamy, this was a delicious way to kick off the meal.

Lamb Hock

Cooked in a lemon sauce, the lamb hock felt surprisingly fresh for something so dense and earthy. The fries were a nice accompaniment as well.

Pork Tenderloin Saute

Slices of pork sautéed in a mushroom sauce with green, white, and pink peppercorns and served with a side of rice. Very, very savory with just a little kick. So good.

In the end our two meals here came to roughly 36 euros a piece for two people. Not the cheapest eats I’ve ever had, but considering the place this was very well priced. Should we ever end up back in Santorini I would eat here again.

#1 on TripAdvisor: Lolita’s Gelato

Clocking in at number 1 on Tripadvisor is Lolita’s Gelato.

I’m typically skeptical of Tripadvisor since their meal choices are often… questionable. However, in this case it was right on the money: delicious, refreshing, and cheap! Not a combination you’ll encounter that often in Santorini.

Options at Lolita’s are plentiful and inventive. Mrs. Selfish and I especially enjoyed the Mojito sorbet which was intoxicating without being… intoxicating. The staff was also quite friendly, dipping Mrs. Selfish’s sorbet in chocolate for free on our second visit.

And that’s it for Santorini eats! Join us tomorrow, when Mrs. Selfish will take us on a trip to where the Greeks vacation: the island of Naxos.