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This is post sixteen of sixteen of our summer trip to Greece. Check out our other posts in the series here:

Finding decent award flights from Europe to the States is a pain. Finding decent award flights from Europe to the States during the Summer is a nightmare. As America’s go-to playground during the Summer, everyone and their mum seems to head to Europe during the June – August timeframe.

Ideally, Mrs. Selfish and I would have flown Athens to Frankfurt to San Francisco, but 5 months out I couldn’t find any availability. Instead, I settled for the best known award trick – flying through Canada.

Since we had 14 hours overnight to kill in Montreal, I was pleased to find the Hyatt Regency Montreal, a category 3 Hyatt (now Category 2 in 2015). I also discovered an old childhood friend lived in the area, so we decided to meet up for dinner.


Mrs. Selfish and I missed our ferry from Mykonos to Athens, but managed to catch the next one out.

Pro-tip: Mykonos has 2 ports, and which one you use is determined by the ferry company, NOT the ferry destination.

From there we stayed at the Athens Hilton one last time, before boarding a morning flight to London, where we grabbed some fish and chips, before jumping on an Air Canada flight bound for Montreal.

Like EVA airlines, Air Canada doesn’t really have much of a 1st class section in their fleet, but their Business Class was excellent and we arrived at 6pm.

Getting there and Check-in

The Hyatt Regency is in downtown Montreal, and is only 16 miles away from the airport. My friend picked us up and drove us to the hotel, and less than 30 minutes later we had parked the car and entered the lobby.

Since the hotel was a category 3 at the time of booking, I decided to book at the Cash & Points rate (6,000 points + $75) and use a suite certificate since I had a few that were about to expire.

In my experience, this typically means we get the standard suite. This time, however, the manager came around the counter to personally greet us and give us the keycard. I found it a little odd at the time, but we were in Canada where people are friendlier than their American counterparts, eh?

The Room

It turns out we were updated to the Presidential Suite. Wow.

Clocking in at 1,600 square feet this room was a monster – easily the largest hotel room I’ve ever been in and larger than our house. The three of us were astounded by the size of the place.

Not only was there a living room, dining room, and multiple bathrooms, but there seemed to be additional hallways and bonus rooms with indeterminable functions (unless interrogation rooms are standard in these types of hotels). There was even a tiny kitchen, mostly used for beverages, since cooking seemed off bounds.

Since Mrs. Selfish and I were jetlagged and exhausted, I opted to make a couple of coffees before we went to check out the bedroom.

The bedroom was similarly grand, and probably measured close to 300+ square feet itself. It also had a great view of the open-air mall space directly across from the Hyatt Regency Montreal, which was hosting a music festival at the time.

The bathroom was grandiose, boasting better amenities than the usual Kenneth MD. There were his and hers sinks, a free standing shower, and a separate bath area as well. Pretty sweet.

This is the part where I normally review the other facilities, but Mrs. Selfish and I were in so much of a rush (we had ~11 hours in Montreal proper), so we didn’t have time to check out the gym. Since our flight was at 7:30am the next morning, we also skipped breakfast since the kitchen was still closed.


The Hyatt Regency Montreal Presidential Suite is easily the most ridiculous upgrade I have ever received (and probably will ever receive). At a category 3 this was a decently priced hotel, but at a category 2 it’s a steal.

The hotel is in a decent location and doesn’t seem to get much elite travelers, so if you’re a diamond member it might be worthwhile to try your luck and see what upgrades you might score.