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This is the sixth of seven posts on the Selfish’s customized Game of Thrones tour. Check out the other posts here:

From Split, Mrs. Selfish, Cousin Selfish and I started the 5-hour long drive to Dubrovnik. Our first stop? Klis fortress, the Game of Thrones exterior shot location for the city of Meereen.


Yeeeaahhh… Klis Fortress doesn’t really look like that.

The actual fortress is pretty damned impressive. Perched high atop a rock bluff, Klis fortress has been a defensive stronghold in the area for over two thousand years.


Fictionally, Meereen is the city that Khaleesi conquers with her army of the Unsullied, bringing it down from within. After taking down the Masters, they crucify the lot of them on the city’s perimeter (spoilers!).

To Meereen! 004To Meereen! 006To Meereen! 008

Our own rebellion was much smaller. Walking around I counted less than a dozen people – possibly because it was a scorcher that day.

We arrived in mid-August, just a week before the Game of Thrones team was slated to start filming in the area. Walking around the fortress, we saw a ton of props. Meereen will continue to be featured prominently in Season 5 of Game of Thrones, it would seem.

To Meereen! 013

The balcony where Khaleesi viewed the city of Meereen had giant “No Photo” signs everywhere. So naturally, we took tons of pictures. Strangely, there were no scary Croatian guards around to scare us off.

To Meereen! 019To Meereen! 022

On the less-than-glamorous side of Hollywood, we found a make shift bathroom. This was the only bathroom at Klis Fortress, as far as I could tell, so this bad boy doubtlessly saw tons of action during filming.

The non-iron throne. Ha ha, gross.

Join us tomorrow, where we’ll head to Kings’ Landing, a.k.a. Dubrovnik!